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Practical Tips That Can Help Mums-To-Be Feel More Comfortable During Pregnancy

Life can be stressful at the best of times, but that is exacerbated when you’re dealing with a difficult situation. So the impact of that undoubtedly increases when growing another human for a period of months.

With all significant change comes an element of uncertainty, but the entrance of a child into your world may mean facing a number of big decisions at once. Whether it be financial, circumstantial or practical, finding ways to see these as opportunities rather than challenges is one way of reducing concerns over issues like a potential for an increase in blood levels and associated complications.

Here are some practical tips that can help you through your pregnancy journey in as much comfort as possible.


Look After Your Mental Wellbeing During This Stressful Time

It is said that pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster, so one key asset you have in helping promote the positives of pregnancy on a regular basis is your mind.

If you feel more in control of the way you are thinking, it can have an important role to play in the success of everyday routines that often feel stress-inducing. There are even suggestions of a link emerging between how an expectant mother feels during her term, with a clearer mind, and early benefits that can provide for a child when they are finally here.

The introduction of mindfulness and associated things such as meditation doesn’t have to be difficult either as it is just being more aware and combining many things you already do, combining them into a little package that feels manageable and is also hugely beneficial.

In practice, taking the time to focus on what is around you purely in one moment will give the opportunity to block out some of the ‘white noise’ around life as a whole. Learn more about mindfulness and take steps towards improved sleep, while also enabling you to combat physical aches and pains.


Research The Science To Feel Informed

At the end of the day, everything that led to pregnancy is just a form of science. There are often very simple, unavoidable reasons your body is changing and exhibiting symptoms. As such, arming yourself with the information you need to combat the challenges that are naturally thrown at you, in a pro-active manner, can give you something of a reminder to just how powerful your body is.

For example, the levels of oestrogen produced over the course of a pregnancy are said to be more than you will produce in the rest of your lifetime combined. This sudden increase along with that of progesterone (another chief pregnancy hormone) during the first trimester can lead to feelings of nausea. However, this is your body’s natural way of reacting and leads to the development things such as blood vessels or milk ducts in the breasts and the transfer of valuable nutrients at different stages. Progesterone is primarily responsible for the loosening of ligaments and joints throughout the body allowing you to the space to grow into your pregnancy.

While you are brewing both your cup of tea and your baby in the morning, try to enjoy a moment of relaxation. When you do you are encouraging a reduction in levels of the stress hormones - cortisol and adrenaline - throughout your system. These hormones are replaced by oxytocin, a far more friendly alternative and ally to you and your body. Just the very act of feeling calmer is known to improve circulation as you take in more oxygen, which aids your placenta in nourishing your baby and helping them grow. Learn about the science behind pregnancy and why you feel the way you do to help yourself feel more informed about your pregnancy.


Stay Active During Your Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, it’s important that you stay active as much as possible. The health benefits to keeping active are often a mix of medical and social. One way for expectant mothers to maintain a feel-good factor is to schedule a slot where it is primarily about you. Whether that be joining a group of your friends on a regular basis to remain ‘in the loop’ or to take yourself away from others to collect your thoughts amongst nature and awaken your senses, it is a reminder that things don’t have to stop for you because you are taking care of your little one.

Considering things such as aromatherapy can be a test for the senses, but one emerging way of treating yourself is actually through the gentle, considered touch of physiotherapy. This option is on the rise as people become aware that many of the practices you would experience pre-pregnancy are still available, although talking it through with an expert team or service similar to those offered by The Medical is recommended. The group offers a range of health and wellness services, including massage sessions, that can be tailored to your unique needs.


Remember That Every Pregnancy Is Unique 

It is best to end with something that will be invaluable to you. Things are often not as bad as they feel and every feeling you have is a valid one.

While you will see the physical changes to your body over time, the mental aspect is much more difficult to get to grips with and is often hidden. If you have experienced a person who seems to have had nothing but positive experiences throughout their pregnancy, then it is likely they are just not sharing difficult moments. Do not let this discourage you from sharing yours and encourage all of your friends to do the same, it is the best way to see the reality and not to become overwhelmed.

You’re doing a great job! You have your own glow, so don’t forget to embrace it and whatever way feels most comfortable to you.

Should you feel like you need guidance on how to cope with any issues surrounding your needs, then the sooner you do this, the better. This article should help you to get some inspiration but remember to listen to your body to ensure you stay safe, and if in doubt, consult your doctor.

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