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8 Habits of Successful CPA Exam Candidates

Becoming a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is the hallmark of success in the field of accounting as it can help professionals achieve remarkable growth. However, passing a CPA exam is a daunting task, and you have to show constant effort to become successful.

Several students look at the success stories of CPA professionals who passed the exam to advance their careers. History also shows the evidence that the best way to learn through others is to make use of their experiences. To pass the CPA exam, you must know what habits successful candidates have. In addition, you must also develop an understanding of what things to avoid.

Here are the eight habits of successful CPA exam candidates that can help you get through this exam with flying colors.

They know how to set and follow their priorities

While preparing for the CPA exam, you must know its importance for your career success and achieving your life goals in the long run. The CPA exam is one of the challenging certifications

in the accounting field; thus, it demands your undivided attention. To become successful, you need to prepare for earning the CPA licensure on the top priority.

Setting your priorities will help you stay on track and not be distracted from petty matters. For instance, you work hard to fulfill CPA state requirements that vary in each State and are obligatory to meet when you sit for the exam.

When you focus your energy and time on preparing for the CPA exam, you will become successful in acing the exam. Remember that healthy priorities can help you build study stamina with discipline and consistency that results in success.

They follow a schedule

Successful students rely on study plans and schedules to prepare themselves better. It is essential to start early for the CPA exam preparation and make a study plan. With the help of a well-designed study plan, you can track your performance and also reach your study goals. Moreover, it can also identify the weak study areas that you can improve before appearing for the exam.

They are consistent

To become successful, you must also know about the habits of those students who face failure. What is the one habit that can slow down your progress and detract you? When you are not determined and persevering, you cannot achieve success. The CPA exam requires daily effort and consistency for better preparation. Setting a study plan is only halfway to the finishing line. When you lack motivation and consistency and follow your plan half-heartedly, it cannot help you achieve desired outcomes.

They are early risers

It is proven that mornings are always the best time to study and learn new things. The majority of successful CPA license holders are early risers. They usually wake up and start their study from 4 am to 6 am. It is that time of the day when the brain is fresh and away from worldly distractions. You can adopt this habit by sleeping early, around 10 o'clock and having a sound sleep of around 6-8 hours. It is not a good idea to sleep late and then expect yourself to study with a fresh mind while you are half asleep. Of course, you cannot learn and retain study material without enough sleep.

Students who start their day earlier have plenty of time for preparation before evening. You can use practice exams for the rest of the day so that whatever you learn throughout the day can stay in your mind. It would also give you a sense of accomplishment while preparing for the exam.

They know how to replace “failure” with “opportunity”

When it comes to passing the CPA exam, everyone knows that it is a difficult exam and requires a lot of effort and devotion to get success. However, sometimes effort does not pay back, and candidates may face failure. In such a situation, you must know how to convert your failure into success by making the best use of it.

You must not give up if you fail in any section of the CPA exam. Instead, analyze the factors of your failure and improve your weak areas. For instance, if you skipped reviewing difficult parts of the course material, you know what to do to avoid negligence and how to improve your performance in the next attempt.

They study smarter, not harder

The aspiring candidates of the CPA exam who become successful know the value of the time and study smarter, not harder. Successful candidates invest their time in more productive tasks. You must know that reading study material for hours does not help if you lack understanding. Make sure you use your time efficiently while improving weak areas that need attention. For instance, practice MCQs and TBSs from difficult portions or underprepared areas of course material. The key to success lies in making the most out of the time when preparing for the exam.

They develop an understanding of concepts

Successful candidates do not cram terms and concepts; they develop deep understanding. They are not only familiar with the "what" but also understand the "why." Better and in-depth preparation will help you to solve TBSs effectively and speedily.

When you cram the material, you cannot expect to recall the whole concept if your mind skips some parts on the exam day. With a deep understanding, you have more chances to nail down the CPA exam.

They strive to reach the end goal

When you study to reach an end goal, it keeps you motivated and focused. On the flip side, studying just for the sake of learning cannot help you go far. Without a purpose in mind, there is no motivation to reach the goal.

When you set your eyes on the CPA license that provides a guaranteed path to success laden with better job opportunities, you have a reason to move forward and reach the finishing line.

Successful students always give their best while setting their eyes on the end goal. After obtaining their CPA license, they know their chances of growth and success will increase tremendously.


While preparing for the CPA exam, you must know what learning methods work for you. When you become successful in identifying the right strategy, it can help you succeed. However, you need to commit and work hard to achieve your goal.

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