Monday, 28 March 2022

Spring Home Makeover Wishlist

With Spring looking as though it's finally here, I've got my eye on a few new additions to brighten up our home and help us to make the most of our living space.

I've spoken before about the fact that we have outgrown our 3 bedroomed, relatively small rented home but given the increasing cost of living and the incredible expense involved in moving house - we just can't bring ourselves to face moving right now!

So instead we're trying to make as much of the space as we can and try to find ways to make it work for us.

Here are some of my latest wants and wishes:

A new sofa

I've had my eye on a new sofa for a little while now. We actually bought a new one during the first lockdown so it's only 2 years old, but I made the mistake of purchasing without actually seeing it in person and I just didn't love it.

Sadly it's also fallen victim to my kids desire to jump on and off it all day long, so it's already looking worse for wear. I have to admit, I'm a little reluctant to spend a lot of money on a sofa while my children are still at an age where they're hell bent on using it as a trampoline but I would really love a nice comfortable relaxing spot...especially a pink one!

A giant beanbag for the kids room

At the moment, my partner & I find ourselves rarely able to make any use of the living room TV as it's the only one in the house and it's almost always being used by the kids for their various video games.

So I've been thinking that it might be a good idea to transform the playroom into a gaming/chill out area - somewhere we can set up another TV with their games consoles, so that they can watch their shows and play their games as much as they want to without taking over the living room!

I'd love to get a giant beanbag in here to make it a really comfy and inviting space for them and their friends, I really love this one from Big Bertha Original

Storage For The Hallway

At the moment we have a coat/hat rack but it's seen better days. I really love the look of a hallway storage unit like this which provides a space not only for coats and shoes, but for other bits and bobs that could do with a permanent home too. 

I love that it also allows for a mirror to be hung, and provides seating for taking shoes off etc too...ideal! 

A New Bathroom Cabinet

We currently have a small waist-height bathroom cabinet, which although its a good size for storing our toiletries - doesn't allow space for storing anything else such as towels.

I'd really love to get something taller so that we're fully utilising the space available to us - it would also solve our towel storage problem, and give us somewhere to put a nice plant so that we can have a bit of greenery in the bathroom too. Perfect!

A Garden Hammock

This has been a wishlist item of mine for a while now! I don't tend to be the kind of person who enjoys sitting out in the summer, I'm not one for sun lounging and although garden furniture always looks nice at first I usually find that it quickly gets weather worn and ends up losing its appeal...but a hammock seems like something that would be pretty low maintenance, and I can just imagine spending some time reading or snoozing in it on a nice warm day.

2022 is definitely the year I finally indulge in a garden hammock with stand for lounging on!

As well as these practical items, I'd love to give the house a fresh lick of paint, get some more greenery dotted around the place and try to make the back yard more inviting for the summer months too.

Let's see how it goes! 

Do you have any home makeover plans for the warmer seasons? I'd love to hear your plans.

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