Tuesday, 12 April 2022

How To Decide Whether It Is Worth Repairing An Antique Rug

An antique rug is generally defined as any rug older than eighty years in age. If the rug is past thirty years old it is referred to as vintage, but it needs to be past eighty to be classed as antique.

Of course, any rug that has been around for eighty years is likely to be showing its age. You’re going to want to consider replacing the rug or whether it is worth repairing it.

There are several factors that need to be considered in order to decide whether it is worth repairing your rug.

The Value Of The Rug

The first question you’ll need to ask yourself is how much is the rug worth and how much will it cost to repair? It’s important to note that a quality repair is likely to increase the value of an antique rug but a poor-quality repair will lower the value.

Therefore, if your motivation regarding repairing an antique rug is financial you need to assess the pre and post-repair value and if you choose to repair it, use an expert.

Sentimental Appeal

Perhaps, more importantly, is the sentimental attachment to the antique rug If it is an antique it has probably been passed through several generations of your family. That may make it important enough to you to be worth repairing and keeping for future generations. However, you’ll also find plenty of modern rugs in Melbourne that can add a real wow factor to your home and may even be cheaper than the repair process.

If your sentimental attachment to the rug is low or non-existent you may think it is better to replace the rug with a stylish new example.

Your Decor

Whatever your decision you need to be happy that your chosen rug or rugs fit with your existing or planned décor. This can be a difficult decision but it is important to think of the décor. There is little point in having an antique rug repaired for it to be rolled up and stored as it doesn’t suit your home.

You should also note that sometimes an unrepaired rug will work with your décor while a repaired one will not. Think carefully before committing to a rug repair.

The Cost

It shouldn’t be surprising to realize that the cost matters. You need to be comfortable that the cost of repairing your antique rug is affordable within your budget. If not, and you have decided it is worth repairing, you should wait until you can afford it.

The same is true if you decide to purchase a new rug, it’s better to invest in a high-quality one than purchase a cheaper one that won’t last.

Final Thoughts

Remember, this is a personal decision. Providing you consider the most important factors, cost, value, and sentimental appeal, you will make the right decision regarding your antique rug and whether to have it repaired or not. Just remember, you can’t unrepair it!

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