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Energy busting activities for preschoolers

Let’s be real - kids have plenty of energy to burn. While it’s totally normal, it isn’t always welcome news for mum and dad )who likely have the opposite problem!). Luckily there are lots of great activities that not only keep little ones entertained, but are also perfect for getting rid of some of that excess pent-up energy. 

From gear for outdoor activities to some creative games indoors, there are plenty of energy-busting toys that will help get your preschoolers active. Here are some of our favourite ideas to help keep your kiddo entertained. 

Blowing bubbles (and trying to pop them before they hit the ground)

Blowing bubbles is guaranteed fun, and if you want to up the ante, challenge your kids to pop them all before they hit the ground. This will have them jumping and diving all over the place – and definitely burning some of that extra energy. You can mix things up by getting a giant bubble wand or making your own DIY wand and solution. If you can’t get your hands on bubble-making materials, you can simply use a balloon instead. 

Hula hooping 

Kids love hula hooping, and as there’s actually quite a bit of skill involved, plenty of practice is required. It’s an activity that really engages the whole body, so it’s sure to wear out even the most energetic of kids. Hula hooping is great because it’s something they can practice on their own, but also enjoy with friends, who they can challenge to hula-hooping contests to see who can do it for the longest. 


An oldie but a goodie, hopscotch has been entertaining kids for thousands of years! If you have a suitable outdoor area, you can draw hopscotch on the pavement using chalk, or you can also play indoors using tape. Not only is it a fun activity that can become social when played with others, but hopscotch also helps develop crucial motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Your kids are guaranteed to play it over and over again. 

Flying a kite 

Flying a kite is great for stimulating your kid’s imagination and teaching them about science – plus it can be quite exhilarating, leaving them with a sense of accomplishment once they get their kite airborne. Not only that, but all the running back and forth is sure to tire them out in the best possible way. What more could you want? 

Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is such a unique activity – and perfect for getting your child on the move. You can pretty much use anything, from puzzle pieces to foam alphabet letters (or even sweets). Hide them around the house or the backyard and your kids will be running around in no time. If you want to take it to the next level, you can create a treasure hunt where you hide one piece of treasure and devise a set of clues to help your child find it. 

Obstacle course

If you like the idea of a scavenger hunt, then an obstacle course could be just as fun. You can make one around the house or backyard using various fun-shaped household items (buckets, pool noodles, cushions, planks of wood, hula hoops, a play tunnel – you name it). You can even add an imaginative element by pretending the floor is lava and challenging your child not to fall in. They’ll have plenty of fun completing the course and there will likely be many repeat attempts. 

Ball games

You can’t go wrong with a good old ball game to help your child burn off some energy. Whether it’s a football, basketball or soccer ball, pick out your favourite outdoor activity and head out to the local park and watch them run, jump and catch. Plus, it’s a great way to help them develop crucial motor skills, getting them ready for recess at school!

Bike riding 

Bike riding and kids go together like bread and butter. It’s a skill they’ll have for life, and you can get them started on a tricycle as early as two years old. Bikes are an excellent form of exercise and are great for getting kids outdoors. They also offer plenty of other health benefits for your kids. 

Mini trampoline 

Whilst you might not have the space for a proper trampoline, there’s no reason you can’t get the kids a mini trampoline. If they’re having trouble sitting still, get them on the trampoline for a few minutes and it will bust those wiggles right out. You can even practice reciting letters and numbers with them whilst they’re bouncing around. 

Between all these great activities, some serious energy busting is guaranteed. Just remember, whilst it’s easy just to focus on the physical side of things, don’t forget to engage your child’s mind as well, by adding in a creative or imaginative element wherever possible. Not only will this surprisingly help to calm them, but it will also do wonders for their development and you’ll be sure to see the difference in your child. 

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