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How To Find The Perfect Gifts For Children In One Easy Step

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When I first became an Aunty, 6 years before having my children of my own, I promised that I was going to be the Cool Aunt.

I was going to make sure that my niece thought of me more like a cool older sister than an old fuddy-duddy. 14 years and 2 more nieces and nephews on, I have to say - I think I've done a pretty good job of accomplishing that mission!

As well as being the one who makes wacky themed snacks for every family gathering, the one who gossips about boys and learns TikTok dances, and the one who throws way OTT Halloween parties...another of my key talents that helped me to earn the Cool Aunt label is my ability to give amazing childrens gifts.

But I have to be honest, the latter is one that hasn't always come easily! 

Buying gifts for your own children is a piece of cake. You spend so much time with them, you know exactly what they enjoy doing and you also know exactly what they already have. But buying gifts for someone else's child can be a challenge!

How do you keep on top of the trends? What if the thing they loved when they were 7 is suddenly really "cringe worthy" now that they're a big grown up 8 year old?! And when there's so much choice available to you online, just how exactly are you supposed to narrow it down?!

Sure you could ask the parents, but I learnt very early on that what a parent suggests as a perfect gift for their child and what the child thinks makes a great gift are not always the same thing.

So allow me to introduce you to the website that has been my saviour for many a Christmas and birthday predicament over the years....Wicked Uncle.

Wicked Uncle is a website that specialises in selling presents that children will love! As well as being super user friendly, it also has a search function that allows you to browse potential gifts based on age, and a variety of categories - for example you can select that you're looking for a creative gift for a 7 year old, or a gift for a dinosaur loving 4 year old. 

I personally love the educational gifts search filter for my own children as it's helped me to find some fantastic and age-appropriate resources for their home schooling.

I've just been looking for a gift to surprise and delight a family friend who turns 10 next week. He's really difficult to buy for as he already has most of the things I would have gone for, but he loves zombies and pranks - so using the search function I browsed for gifts for a 10 year old in the spooky category and within seconds I had the perfect gift! A Fifty Pranks To Freak Your Friends set and some spooky chocolate eyeballs - he is going to love it!

If you're pushed for time and looking to send a gift straight to your recipient, then Wicked Uncle have you covered as they offer a wrapping service - you can even choose the paper and card to include, selecting different wrapping paper for each gift if you prefer, and the team at Wicked Uncle will even hand write your birthday greeting. So much more personal than a typed message! There's a reason why they have a 99% positive rating from customers on Feefo!

If you're someone who struggles to know what to buy for your grandkids, or any child!, then be sure to give Wicked Uncle a really is a one stop shop for all of your gift giving needs.

To take a look for yourself at Wicked Uncle's super-helpful search function and amazing selection of gifts, just Click Here

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