Tuesday, 10 May 2022

My Current Holy-Grail Beauty Products

...before I start this post, I must ask - is a "Holy Grail" product still a thing?!

It's been a good long while since I wrote a beauty focused post, and penning the title of this one took me all the way back to the very early days of my blog when I focused solely on beauty products. Strange to think about that now, as someone who has been so consumed by motherhood that I haven't changed my mascara brand in the last decade!

But as I turned 40 last year, I decided it was time to start looking after my skin a bit more by introducing something vaguely resembling a skin care routine and maybe it was even time to update my make up. I have done my make up in the exactly the same way since the millennium - something I only really thought about yesterday when my 7 year old walked into my bedroom and fell into fits of laughter at how "skinny" my drawn-on eyebrows are.

So over the last 6 months or so, I've been trying out some different products and I thought I'd share some of my current favourites for any other 40-somethings out there who are also unsure of what they're doing in the beauty department these days!

Elemis Skincare

One of the most frequent recommendations I receive is for Elemis skincare products, so I decided to introduce some of their best-selling goodies into my routine to see if they're really as good as they're cracked up to be.

I started by introducing the Elemis Super Food Glow moisturizer in the morning before I apply my make up - I noticed immediately that this gives me a lovely dewy glow and my make up seems to go on much much smoothly after using it, too.

I also introduced the Pro-Collagen Naked Cleansing Balm - I wanted a cleansing product as honestly? I never usually bother actually taking my make up off. Yes I know that's really bad, No I don't know how I've got away with it for this long but there we go! 

The cleansing balm is such a luxurious product to use - it feels amazing as it glides onto the skin, and my skin feels so light and fresh after wards. It's not cheap but it is a HUGE pot, I've had it for 5 months now and I'm not even halfway through it after using it (pretty much) daily so I find that impressive!

 I also wanted to add in a night cream as I have read some amazing reviews of the Elemis Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix - now I have to admit, the price is a little eye watering. How can a night cream possibly be worth that sort of price tag?!  But I read review after review from people who insisted that they had the very same thoughts but had changed their minds after trying it. 

Do I think it's a nice product? Yes, absolutely! Do I think it's worth the price tag? Honestly, no...I will stick with the Elemis cleansing balm and moisturiser but I won't be re-purchasing the overnight matrix just purely due to the price.

Cuties Cuticle Oil

This brand of cuticle oil was recommended to me by my amazing nail QUEEN Chelsea of Aoife Treatments Newton Abbot. I started getting regular manicures in January 2021 and have kept them up every 3 weeks or so since. It's become part of my self-care routine, and something I look forward to as a bit of me-time - it's also helped to transform my nails from brittle and bitten to within an inch of their lives - to much stronger and longer than previously.  

Chelsea swears by a good cuticle oil for keeping nails healthy, and at just £6 for a tube that lasts around 5 months I'm really happy with this one - it smells amazing too!

Gummy HQ

Although my nails have definitely improved since having regular manicures, I do notice that they seem to be quite brittle and I have also noticed a decline in my skin and the health of my hair since turning 40...so I thought it was probably time to start looking after things from the inside out.

I came across Gummy HQ who offer supplements in the form of delicious gummy bears!

I've been using the Gummy HQ Hair, Nails & Skin supplements for a while now and I am really seeing an improvement in things. I have to say, I also really enjoy the taste of the gummy bears - most supplements have that nasty "health product" after taste about them but these mixed berry flavoured chews are genuinely really pleasant to eat!

They contain Biotin which aids healthy hair, skin and nails and are vegan friendly and gluten-free too. They also offer an Ashwagandha gummy designed to aid relaxation and sleep too which I'm also really tempted by.

Nuud Deodorant

I made the switch to Nuud natural deodorant about a year or so ago, and haven't looked back since. It takes a fair bit of getting used to as you need to completely detox from your normal deodorants and just apply a pea-sized amount of Nuud once every 4-5 days.

Over time you become familiar with often you personally need to apply it, this will differ for every person but I tend to go about 4 days before I need to re-apply. This means that - although the product isn't cheap - it lasts for absolutely ages as you use such a tiny amount! I LOVE Nuud deodorant now...I'm intrigued to see how it holds up to the Florida weather test later this year!

Elikya Beauty Highlighter

This is a rose highlighter that was featured in one of my Glossy Boxes and in all honesty, upon first glance I had no idea what to even do with it! But a little research online soon clued me in to the fact that this is a highlighter - and what a highlighter it is!

It has a beautiful glowy pink pigment to it with a lovely bit of shimmer. A little bit goes a long way so it's important to be cautious when applying it in order to avoid the Aunt Sally look, but a little back placed on the cheekbones finishes off a nice natural summer make up look perfectly! I will definitely be re-purchasing this.

Speaking of my Glossy Box subscription...

Glossy Box

Yes, I have to list Glossy Box itself as one of my Holy grail items! I decided to treat myself to a subscription at Christmas...mostly because they had a special offer on which included a special edition celestial tin that I adored, so I decided I'd subscribe for the tin but then probably cancel straight away.

That did not happen.

I've now been subscribed for 5 months which means that I have received 5 boxes, each containing 4-5 items. Out of those, there are so far only 2 products which I haven't used and many of the items that Glossy Box have introduced me to have become firm favourites that I have re-purchased.

I think it's a fabulous subscription, especially for people who are looking for new products.

I hope this post has been useful and that you find some new products to love. Do share your own favourite beauty products with me, I'd love to hear your thoughts and try some new bits!

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