Tuesday, 7 June 2022

5 Fun Things to Do On Father's Day That Every Dad Will Enjoy

Father’s Day is almost here and this means putting together fun activities, experiences and gifts for dad that he will enjoy. 

Whether or not you decide to go all out every year, make this one special for dad by finding the best ideas that he will love. While he may be a man of a few words, his advice, his presence and his overall support are something that we all need. 

From something simple and fun like decorations to surprise him with to a fun day outdoors doing his favourite things, there are many things everyone can do for their dad. 

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of fun things to do on Father’s Day that every dad is sure to enjoy. 

Let’s take a look! 

1. Watch His Favourite Game - But Take It To The Next Level! 

Most Dads have their favourite sports team or sport that he’s a die-hard fan of. If you’ve never watched his favourite team play or his favourite game, now’s the time! 

You can call all his friends over, get their favourite snacks and drinks, switch on the television and enjoy the game. Everyone can dress up in their favourite team’s attire and watch the game together. 

Paired with his favourite people, watching his favourite sport and not to mention the delicious food, he’s sure to have an enjoyable time. Or alternatively, if he's into a particular sport - set up a game of your own! You could even include a sports-themed gift such as a great quality Tennis Racket or a new baseball glove. Any sports enthusiast would surely be delighted with this sort of effort to celebrate their passion!

2. A Virtual Tour! 

Hopping on a flight to go see the Palace of Versailles is not something all of us can do. However, if your dad is a history buff and loves all things art and culture, a virtual tour is something you should definitely consider. 

With so many cultural centres and institutions offering free and paid virtual tours of some of the best places in the world, you and your dad can have an immersive experience from the comfort of your couch. You can also book him multiple tours so that he can make the most of this day and have an overall enjoyable and informative experience. 

3. Host A Family Movie Night 

Everyone has certain movies they’ve watched that changed their lives and serve as a comfortable go-to or are action-packed with unreal fighting scenes. Your father may have his own preference too, which you’re sure to know. This makes hosting a family movie night another fun thing you can consider doing. 

Let dad pick his favourite film, arrange for his favourite movie snacks, set the atmosphere right for the movie and let everyone select their favourite spot on the sofa. While this may seem a little lowkey, the quality time dad gets to spend with his favourite people makes this idea worth it. 

4. Barbecue Together! 

For all those dads who love grilling different cuts of meat or cooking burgers over the barbecue, this idea is the perfect way to spend Father’s Day. Get out his favourite barbecue equipment and cook together! 

Prepare for this beforehand, get the coals grilling and get all the other products and items that you may need to barbecue with the old man. If you’ve got the skills, consider making him food on the barbecue whilst he sits back and relaxes. It will be a memorable day for him! 

5. Go Out For Drinks 

If your dad is somewhat of an alcohol connoisseur and loves indulging in the best drinks concoctions available, consider taking him out for drinks on Father’s Day! 

Whether it is a simple beer tasting or something fancier, based on what he would prefer, finalise the place accordingly and if required make reservations. The two of you can sit back and indulge in the best drinks while also spending quality bonding time together. 

To Sum Up… 

Father’s Day provides us all with the perfect opportunity to express to our dads how much we love and appreciate them. If you’re looking for something fun that he’ll enjoy this year, any of our ideas perfectly fit the bill. 

With this experience, get a nice Father’s Day card with some balloons for him and make it extra special. He’ll love and appreciate the thought and effort you put behind this. 

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