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How to Move from the USA to New Zealand

Almost a million Americans leave the US each year for other countries. This migration is driven by many varying reasons. The most common are:

· Work/career opportunities.

· Retiring abroad.

· Looking for a better quality of life.

· Joining family members abroad.

· Education/studies. Moving so far away is not cheap. When you are sending most of the family home so far, and with car shipping companies services are likely to be expensive because of the long distance.

New Zealand is an increasingly popular long-term destination

Almost 20% of the New Zealand population are foreign-born immigrants. Over 70,000 net immigrants move there each year due to work, family, or refuge. The main reasons these people chose New Zealand include:

· Beautiful outdoor living.

· Lots of skilled job opportunities.

· Great weather and temperate climate

· Rich cultural diversity.

· A slow pace of life.

· Strong democratic institutions.

· It’s a very beautiful country with diverse landscapes.

· Rich multicultural diversity.

· A more balanced work/life culture.

· Great ambiance with less air and noise pollution.

· Great weather most of the year.

· Better public healthcare and health insurance options.

Relocating to New Zealand long-term or permanently

NZ needs 40,000 new jobs each year to keep the economy growing. Popular industries requiring more employees include accommodation, food services, business services, construction, and the retail trade. The country is facing long-term staffing challenges in construction, engineering, finance/business, science, ICT, hospitality & tourism, and health & social sciences.

Getting a New Zealand Visa 

To work in New Zealand long-term you will need an Essential Skills Visa which is eligible for up to 5 years and applies to full-time jobs only, with no age limit.

The Work to Residence Visa and the Skilled Migrant Visa is for people aged under 55 who have full-time jobs that meet certain salary caps. These visas last for periods from 30 months to indefinite.

How to move your things from the US to NZ

If you are moving to New Zealand from the USA for work, or to live permanently, there are several ways to go about it:

International Moving Companies

These companies work like your typical interstate and local movers, only they relocate you from the USA to another country. These companies understand the different laws relating to each country and will get your goods to NZ within the agreed timeframe and cost.

International container companies These companies deliver a shipping container of your choice to you. You then load your furniture and goods into it or hire someone to do it for you. Once you’re packed, they pick up your container and ship it to New Zealand. This is a cheaper option, but you miss some of the full-service treatments.

Sea freight companies

With sea freight, you have your goods shipped over water from port to port. You will have to arrange packing and you may also need to transport your packed goods to a warehouse facility before international shipping. You will be charged based on the weight and volume of your goods.

Shipping companies

These are like sea freight but with more support. They offer add-on services like packing and transfer of goods to their warehouses. They can handle anything from a single box to an entire house.

Can a US retiree move to New Zealand?

Yes, but the New Zealand government has economic requirements that must be met for eligibility. They include investing NZD 750,000 in the country over two years, having NZD 500,000 in living expenses, and an annual income of NZD 60,000.

What are the difficulties of moving to New Zealand from the US?

· Not qualifying for jobs listed under the skilled migrant category.

· Having a criminal record.

· Not having enough money to apply for a retirement visa.

Final Thoughts

If you are seeking a slower pace of life or a better work-life balance, you can find lots of job opportunities in New Zealand. You can escape the excessive costs of living in major US cities and start a new life if you are eligible for a visa.

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