Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Grow, Tree, Grow! - A Childrens Book Review

As a home educating parent, I am always on the lookout for children's books that are both visually pleasing and educational at the same time...and if they can cover off a topic that I want my children to learn more about, all the better!

One such book that we've recently been introduced to is "Grow, Tree, Grow!" by Dom Conlon. Part of the Wild Wanderers series which explore nature and the world around us using enchanting art and rich language, this book is simply stunning in its delivery of key facts around photosynthesis, decomposition and deforestation.

The poetic rhythm and magical language used to talk the reader through the life cycle of a thousand year old oak tree is really something quite moving and special, so much so that I didn't want to waste this book as a simple bedtime read but instead felt compelled to make more of an occasion of it...so we took to our local forest and held our usual Friday Literacy Tea Time there, instead of around the dining table like we normally do.

Our literacy tea time has been a feature of our Home Ed timetable for a while now...its an opportunity to end the week on a nice note, and usually involves us all sitting around the table enjoying a platter of French Fancies and a teapot full of Hot Chocolate (because that's preferable to tea in our house!) while I read aloud from a book of poems.

But this week, inspired by Grow, Tree, Grow!, we took to the forest instead and after a nice walk in the shade of the trees - we sat down in the picnic area with a flask of juice and some cookies, and I read this beautiful book aloud.

As I read the emotive text that describes the trees characteristics, I noticed the children looking  around the forest - taking in and noticing the details described in the words of the book reflected in the trees around them.

Not only is this book beautiful in its words, but it's incredibly informative too - packed full of facts about trees and nature, describing not only the life cycle of a tree but also the role it plays in the lives of woodland creatures and its contribution to the Earth.

The glossary at the back does a great job of explaining the words and concepts used within the book too, providing an excellent opportunity for more learning. After reading this book, we had some wonderful conversations about nature and deforestation.

As much as our afternoon in the woods was a perfect setting for this book, you can of course get just as much out of it by reading it at home thanks to the stunning illustrations by Anastasia Izlesou which really bring the book to life.

I was so impressed by Grow, Tree, Grow! and its combination of poetic story telling and informative education - I will be seeking out the rest of the Wild Wanderer range, which currently includes Shine, Star, Shine!, Blow Wind Blow!, Swim Shark Swim! and Leap, Hare, Leap! with plans for many more additions to the range in the near future.

If you're looking for a beautiful and timeless book to entertain, educate and inspire your children on the topic of trees and deforestation - I highly recommend Grow, Tree, Grow! from Graffeg Publishing.

You can find out more about the book or purchase or just £7.99 at https://graffeg.com/products/grow-tree-grow

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