Thursday, 6 October 2022

How to Rescue a Tired Exterior on a Period Property

If you own a period property, it's likely that you bought the property for specific reasons that are usually down to the house's appearance. This means you'll want to protect certain key period characteristics when you perform refurbishments on the home. This may include things like the external brickwork, sash windows, and exterior doors.

Certain distinguishing features make a period home very special. They are also usually a very sought-after investment. As time goes on, these period home features may become hidden or damaged. However, there are some refurbishments that you can do to quickly and easily transform your home and get it looking its best.

While there are a lot of intricate interior details that can contribute to planning out refurbishments on a period property, the exterior of the home is what most people will see first, and this is usually what truly gives the image of a heritage home. Below, we will take a look at the most common ways to rescue the exterior of a tired-looking period property.


Sometimes, you may need to repoint the brickwork on your home. This is an essential job if you want your home to be able to weather all of the elements and still look great. If you're renovating your home, repointing the brickwork should be one of the first things you consider doing. If there is any damaged or missing mortar, this can cause leaks which may result in dampness entering the home.

Repointing brickwork involves repacking the mortar very carefully that sits between the bricks or stone blocks on the outside of your home. The cost of repointing brickwork isn’t too substantial when you consider the money you’ll save on repairing dampness or further issues within the home.

Most people choose to repoint brickwork themselves. However, it requires the right type of equipment, and you'll also need to work at heights. This means that it is a job that is often best left to professionals.

Wooden Sash Windows

Windows are a key feature of period homes. If you have wooden sash windows that have experienced a lot of wear and tear or that have been neglected over the years, these may need to be replaced. You can replace modern timber sash windows on a like-for-like basis, and these modern versions will have the benefit of enhanced glass.

Most homeowners will want to stick to the original materials that were used on the period home wherever possible. However, there are certain circumstances where you may need to

opt for alternatives instead. You may choose to replace your existing wooden sash windows with new wooden sash windows, or you may prefer uPVC sash windows as these can withstand the weather much better and may provide a more durable and long-lasting solution.

Heritage Timber Doors

The front door is a standout feature of a period home. This may feature ornate glass surrounds that could become draughty. The door may need to be replaced, and it's also important to consider the security of your home when considering a new front door. Your existing door may not be able to provide much security – particularly if it is quite old.

Boosting the security of your home doesn’t necessarily mean you need to compromise on the beauty of the period look. Modern timber doors are made to be much more secure and can still retain the traditional design.

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