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There Has Been A Rise Of Interest In Tarot During The Pandemic

Tarot and psychics, in general, have always intrigued people. And many people over the years decided to dabble in tarot because they figured it would be a great way to learn more about themselves and become more psychic and intuitive. Those who would have had the desire to delve into tarot and other forms of divination would be naturally deep because those who are like that are more prone to being more introspective and reflective.

However, little did anyone know that many more people would become much more introspective in the latter part of 2019. First, the news spread about a mysterious virus from Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Then, that virus, Coronarvius, spread worldwide entirely in the early part of 2020. Then in March of that year, the medical and scientific professionals declared it a Coronavirus pandemic, which they named COVID-19. Much of the world ended up locking down since there were no vaccines or therapeutic drugs to control the pandemic the way there are now.

The COVID-19 Lockdowns Forced Many People To Become Introspective

When March 2020 arrived, you were told to stay home unless you had to get essentials such as groceries and the pharmacy. You could no longer see your friends. The days of hanging around at coffee shops were over. You could no longer enjoy eating out at restaurants, heading to the malls or shops and other attractions, and kids could not attend school. You would also be working from home unless you were an essential worker. You had to be home and alone, with yourself and your demons! That is why so many people found spirituality during the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic when they could not see anyone and go anywhere other than going out to get essentials (or takeout).

According to Frontiers, many people relied on spirituality to cope with the upheavals caused by the pandemic. Whatever spiritual or religious faith they had is what they relied on more. And many of those who are spiritual by nature found solace in delving more into spiritual tools such as tarot cards. People have also been getting plenty of tarot and psychic readings during the pandemic, according to TMRW.

Sure, during the pandemic, people wanted to know when the COVID-19 pandemic would end, as no one could give one clear answer considering it is still happening (though transitioning to endemicity, according to Harvard T.H. Chan, School of Public Health). However, more than that, they wanted to know what was happening in their lives and to have tarot readers and psychics to give them answers.

The rise in psychic readings happened during the thick of the pandemic. The sales of tarot cards soared starting in 2020 and are still very high in 2022.

Tarot Card Manufacturers Have Made A Mint During The Pandemic

You already know that many people search for answers by going for psychic readings during most of 2020 and 2021. In addition, many people purchased tarot cards, those who wanted to learn tarot or readers who wanted to explore new decks. According to Proficient Market Insights, the recent 2022 report indicated that the growth of tarot sales was quite impressive over the last few years.

That was true, especially for North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. And what do those places have in common with one another? Again, the lockdowns were lengthy and restrictive, and once again, when that happens, no one can socialize other than communicating via social media, video, or text.

It is not a surprise given that many people wanted to learn tarot or expand their knowledge in the craft while isolated. Sure, there were reports of people gaining many hobbies, such as cooking, gardening, and doing fun dances on TikTok. However, those hobbies do not necessarily help you self-reflect the same way as tarot does.

One particular editor of the U.S. Game Systems that manufactures tarot, Lynn Araujo, has stated that since tarot does help anyone seeking solace during stressful times such as the pandemic, it is not surprising that sales have increased. Furthermore, she stated she saw a similar surge in tarot sales during the 2008 recession for the same reason, according to CT Insider. She also said that many therapists use tarot cards since there is an overlap between readings and Jungian psychology.

Tarot Is An Excellent Tool For Mental Health Purposes

As you know, during the pandemic, there has been an uptick in people hiring tarot readers and psychics to bring them the insight they need. Additionally, there has been significant growth in the tarot market as many people have decided not only to lean on tarot during the pandemic but also on it.

And many tarot readers and psychics, such as Cindi Sansone-Braff, a New York-based author and tarot reader state on Healthline that a tarot practice can help people understand themselves better. Therefore, tarot can be an excellent tool for mental health, and that has even been said to be the case before the pandemic.

Also, according to the same source, tarot can complement therapy. It cannot replace it, but in treatment, you can also use the tarot between sessions to help you understand your emotions and why you feel the way you are. It is an excellent tool for self-reflection and can also help with journaling.

Tarot is also good for helping to open up a dialogue since it is often challenging to open up and talk about your feelings or why you are feeling the way you are. So, once you begin pulling the cards and placing them, that will get you talking and having an easier time sharing what is bothering you.

Some therapists may use tarot cards during their sessions with clients, and some may not be comfortable doing so. However, as you can see, tarot is a significant help to those struggling with mental health challenges. And the proof of that is in how there was a substantial rise in popularity during the worst of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. That is still the case in 2022.

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