Tuesday, 18 October 2022

What looks good on a plus size woman?

The title of this blog post is one that I have only one answer to. It's a very simple, very easy answer that doesn't require much of a word count.

The answer is...ANYTHING.

Anything that a woman wants to wear is what she would wear. It's really that simple.

I am a firm believer that a persons body shape and size is nobody else's business or concern, and that ALL clothes are for ALL people.  But given that we live in a fatphobic society where women's bodies are still regularly pitted against each other in the media and where a persons weight is so regularly used as something to judge their worth by, it's no surprise that - when googling the term "Plus sized fashion" - this question is the highest ranking search result.

Of course plus sized women across the world are riddled with insecurities about their bodies, and of course they feel unsure about what to wear as a result of the deeply-held shame that so many people feel. It's more than understandable, and there's no denying that for most of my own life - I carried that same shame and uncertainty with me too.

Even as a younger and slimmer woman, I was always so self-conscious about my clothing choices. I'd always go shopping armed with a mental checklist of body parts that my clothing simply MUST hide from view - I needed tops that covered my shoulders and upper arms, my cleavage had to be hidden and I liked to buy things 2 sizes too big so that I could hide my lumps and bumps more easily.

But a few years ago, something changed in me. I decided that I'd had enough of living my life in fear of what my body looked like, and that I wasn't going to waste any more time feeling that I wasn't good enough. After doing a lot of inner work on my mindset and my beliefs around weight and body shapes, I started to feel more comfortable in my own skin and that gave me the freedom to start to enjoy fashion again.

Now, instead of feeling worried about what to wear and how to dress for my frame - I focus on choosing clothes that make me feel joyful. Clothes in colours and prints that lift my mood, in materials that feel good on my skin - and I no longer worry about hiding the parts of myself that are less than perfect, because I believe on a deep level that I don't owe perfection to anybody. 

With this change in attitude, shopping for clothes has become something I really look forward to every season and in the last few years I've noticed a really positive change in the fashion choices available to plus size women. No longer are we forced to shop in the corner of shame at the back of a supermarket, instead there's lots of choice available in a range of sizes and styles. Don't get me wrong, there's still a long way to go before we have the same amount of choice as those in average sizes but it's a definite improvement.

I've put together some Autumnal looks from the plus size ranges of some of my favourite stores for some seasonal outfit inspo.

This mustard knit dress from River Island's fantastic plus range is one of my favourite spots this season, and I'm really tempted to grab one for myself. Available up to size 28, it looks both comfortable and stylish. I'd pair it with these quirky women's boots and gorgeous River Island handbag for a classy daytime look.

With the festive season around the corner, it's always a good idea to have a sparkly number ready to go and although it's a step away from the usual Christmas colour palette - I just love this hot pink sequin mini dress from Simply Be. Paired with some eye catching knee high boots and a matching clutch, this is an ideal party outfit!

Green is a key colour this season, and I think this wrap coat from Yours Clothing is the perfect item to show it off - available in sizes 16-36. Paired with some trendy leather-look leggings, and an oversized knit - this outfit is ideal for Christmas shopping days!

This hot pink and red jacket from one of my favourite retailers, Never Fully Dressed, is an investment that will keep catching attention for years to come. The bright colours look great with a classic black knit dress, this one from H & M is stunning. 

I hope this is helpful in encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone this season and embrace your body exactly as it is in this moment, you deserve to feel fabulous!

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