Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Perfect Gifts For Babies First Christmas With Penny & Lola

Buying gifts for little ones at Christmas is something that's far easier said than done. Toddlers and older children have their likes and dislikes which help to narrow down the process of choosing the perfect present, but when you're buying for a baby - how do you know what's right for them?
Clothes, baby toys and board books are all obvious choices but are quickly outgrown, so what other options do you have? Well I might just have the perfect solution.

I've recently discovered a beautiful brand called Penny & Lola who specialise in toys designed to make little ones happy.

A few years ago, musician Imogen Heap created a charming piece of music called "The Happy Song" which was composed especially to capture the attention of little ones and soothe them. The video for The Happy Song featured some adorable animal characters and Penny & Lola founder Hilary Barrett soon found that her baby daughter was really taken with them. So when it was time to shop for Christmas, Hilary tried to find these characters as gifts for her little one - but frustratingly they simply weren't available anywhere.

I remember having a similar experience when my own son fell in love with a character who wasn't available to purchase anywhere, we ended up paying quite a lot of money to commission someone to crochet a toy especially for him. But Hilary decided to go a step further as she knew that she wouldn't be the only person who wanted to get their hands on these adorable characters - so she set about making them available to everyone! And that's how Penny & Lola was born.

Specialising in producing high quality, baby-safe cuddly toys and now venturing in to other product lines featuring the same adorable characters - Penny & Lola is a perfect place to find the ideal gift for the little ones in your life this Christmas.

If you've yet to introduce your little ones to The Happy Song then I highly recommend taking a look, so that you can see for yourself the effect it has on babies & toddlers - there's even a new animation which you can see here:

As well as creating beautiful, high quality products to make your little ones happy - purchasing from Penny & Lola spreads joy in other ways too, as they have chosen to donate a percentage of the profit from each sale to the NSPCC.

You can find out more about Penny & Lola here or visit the online shop.

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