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6 Reasons Why Are The Canary Islands A Great Holiday Destination For Families

As is always the case when the UK temperatures are low and the skies are grey, I've found my mind turning more and more frequently to thoughts of a family holiday - I would love to visit somewhere new this year but with 3 children to consider as well as a tight budget, where should we be looking?

One destination that has always been popular with UK families is a good old family holiday in Spain, and having done some research into a potential trip - I have to say, I think I'm sold.

Why Are The Canary Islands A Good Destination For Families?

With pleasant temperatures and plenty of sun and sand on offer all year round, it's easy to see the appeal of the Canaries as a family destination. There is lots to see and do on offer across the islands, let's take a look at some of the key points of interest...

Beautiful Beaches

There are countless beaches on offer across the 7 main islands, lots offering perfect shallow clean seas for little ones to paddle in. There are dramatic black sand beaches and stunning golden sand dunes depending on the island you choose, and many also offer thrilling water sports and fun beachside activities to keep more active family members entertained whilst also offering a perfect spot for lounger relaxation too. Lots of the beaches also have lifeguards on duty, and most have a real family focus meaning peace of mind for parents. 

Child Friendly Ethos

Family is a real focus for the people of the Canary Islands and you will find locals very welcoming toward children in most hotels and restaurants across the islands, with plenty of child-friendly activities on offer as well as child-safe pools and play areas. The temperatures across the islands are pretty consistent too, meaning you won't need to worry about extremes when it comes to the risk of babies and toddlers overheating or catching a chill.

Culturally Rich With Lots To Do

There are tons of attractions aimed at families across the Canary Islands, ranging from zoos, marine parks and aquariums to museums and theme parks which are sure to entertain and delight children. The architecture is also stunning, with plenty of rich history and stunning sights to behold - from the Tilos Bridge in La Palma to Santa Anas Cathedral in Gran Canaria. There are also lots of museums to visit too, and plenty of art to soak up - an ideal trip for home educators like ourselves.

Delicious Family-Friendly Foods

When travelling with young children, finding foods for fussy eaters can often be a concern but with the Canary Islands you don't need to worry - there are plenty of venues around which cater to a UK palette as well as those offering more traditional Spanish cuisine, and Tapas is always a good idea for satisfying all possible tastes!

High End Accommodation At Affordable Prices 

You don't need to worry about being stuck with lack lustre accomodation in the Canaries, as there is a huge array of world-class resorts, hotels and villas available for your enjoyment. No matter what your preferred accommodation style, there is an option to suit every possible taste and budget. I personally love the idea of these beautiful villas in Lanzarote for some family time away from the hustle bustle of a busy resort.

Ideal Flight Times

One of the biggest selling points of visiting the Canary Islands with children for me is the ease of flying there. You can fly direct to the Canary Islands from most UK airports using budget airlines to help you save the majority of your spending money for your holiday, and with flight times averaging just 4 hours it's an ideal journey time for those of us travelling with young children.

Have you visited the Canary Islands with children? Would you recommend it? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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