Friday, 3 February 2023

Practical Advice For Improving Your Child's Sleep

As a parent, it can be hard to make sure that you child is getting the sleep they need, with issues like your child having too much energy left in them at the end of the day or disruptors like light pollution making it harder for them to sleep at night.

Sleep is incredibly important for all people, but especially children as they need rest to give them the energy they need to grow and develop, so what can you do to improve your little one’s sleep?

Use White Noise Machines To Drown Out Disruptive Noise

If your child is a light sleeper, any amount of noise may keep them up at night or disrupt their sleep. Most parents will stay up a while after setting their children to sleep, to relax, enjoy some adult time and watch TV, unfortunately if your little one is a light sleeper, almost any activity you do after putting them to sleep could cause them to wake up.

To prevent your child’s sleep from being disrupted and ending the days of silently watching Netflix with the subtitles on, you can use a white noise machine in your child’s bedroom. A white noise machine will cover up disruptive sounds from outdoors and within the house with soft white noise, creating a better environment more suited to a good night sleep for your child.

Set A Schedule For Sleep To Build Positive Habits

Much like adults, children thrive when they have a consistent schedule and this is true with sleep as it is for so many other things. Keeping your child’s sleep to a consistent schedule will allow their body clock to be in sync with their day and help them develop positive habits which will slowly increase their independence.

A sleep schedule should be something simple, such as setting your child down for bed at the same time each night and waking them up at the same time each morning, after a few weeks of this, you child will naturally start feeling ready for bed as their bedtime approaches and be more likely to wake up naturally in the morning around their wake up time.

Install Cassetted Window Blinds To Block Out Light Pollution

Another disruptor that could be negatively impacting your child’s sleep could be light pollution. If you live in an urban area or near a busy road, lights from streetlamps, businesses and passing cars can pass into your child’s bedroom. This unwanted light can make it hard for your child to fall asleep and can even wake them during the night.

To completely block out light pollution from entering your child’s bedroom, you can look to install a set of blackout cassette blinds, these blinds use a thick fabric to prevent light passing through and also covers the edge of the blind to fully prevent light leaking in. By doing this, you’ll create a dark environment, free of light pollution which will make sleep a lot easier for you child.

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