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Making Learning Fun With Mathseeds

As a home educating family, we are always on the look out for engaging and fun ways to learn at home. We've been so fortunate in finding lots of exciting subscription boxes and board games to help the children learn more about science, geography, history, art and nature - but one area I have really struggled with is Maths.

No matter what approach I've taken to Maths over the years, I've struggled to find a way to keep it fun for my kids. We've tried a few games and apps but none have grabbed the kids interest, so when we were recently given the chance to try out Mathseeds  - I was intrigued.

Mathseeds is an award‑winning online maths programme for kids aged 39. It's designed to help kids enjoy fun, interactive and rewarding lessons that teach foundational maths and problem‑solving skills while nurturing a love of maths. Speaking as someone who was put off maths in school by being told I couldn't do it well, I know all to well the importance of feeling that you're good at something can have so the way that Mathseeds is designed to nurture a positive attitude towards maths by making it fun, engaging and rewarding really appealed to me.

The programme is aligned to the National Curriculum to make sure children covers all the topics and skills they need in years 1-4. The assessments and quizzes also make sure children understand key concepts before moving forward.

I decided to try Mathseeds out with my youngest son. He has just turned 7, and is currently my most reluctant learner of all. Although he attends a weekly maths club, he has always refused to do any other Maths work at home - but having had some success using other app-based learning approaches with him recently, I thought that Mathseeds might just be able to win him over. I was right!

Straight away he really took to the style of the programme, and enjoys the characters and music used throughout the lessons. He sees it more as a game than an educational experience, with the on-screen rewards keeping him motivated...often he asks to complete more activities than I ask of him, as he's enjoying it so much!

It's so easy to set up that even the least tech-savvy caregiver would have no problem with it, and my son finds it easy to operate with minimal supervision - it's engaging and fun as well as being educational, with real progress being demonstrated after just a few lessons. I also love the quizzes and parent dashboard which allow me to keep track of how he's doing and what he's learning.

For a fraction of the cost of a private tutor, Mathseeds is a powerful way to support your child's maths skills at home...I'm so glad we tried it and I'm excited to see how my son continues to develop his Math skills with it!

Mathseeds is a sub-section of Reading Eggs, a multi-award winning online reading programme, which now has 20 million users worldwide including 90,000 teachers who use the programme within their educational settings.
Children love the games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards that the Reading Eggs programme uses which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning.

Reading Eggs’ & Mathseeds results speak for themselves with over 91% of parents reporting a noticeable improvement in their child's reading and maths ability within weeks.

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As you've
read above, Mathseeds combines structured one‑on‑one lessons and highly motivational elements that keep children engaged and eager to keep learning and improving their skills.

Your children can start learning with Mathseeds anytime and anywhere there is a computer or tablet and develop an early love of maths with 200 self‑paced lessons that can be repeated any time, as well as engaging activities that focus on real‑world maths problems. Plus, they'll love the funny characters and exciting rewards, which keep them motivated and eager to learn more.
Your child will be matched to the perfect lesson for their ability. From there, they'll complete a series of self‑paced lessons that will build their confidence, celebrate their achievements and motivate them to keep learning.

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