Monday, 29 May 2023

Introducing Kids To Fishing: A Great Fathers Day Bonding Activity

With Fathers Day just around the corner, many of us are busy thinking of ideas for father/child bonding activities that will make the day extra special. How about a day of fishing? I have some wonderful memories of my own days spent fishing with my father, it really can be a wonderful activity for all ages.

If you've never been fishing with children in tow before then the thought might feel a little overwhelming, but it needn't be - the great thing about this particular sport is that it really does suit everyone! Fish don't discriminate after all, and whether you're big & strong or little & nervous - you stand just as much chance of reeling in an impressive catch!

Here are some tips for planning the perfect Fathers Day fishing trip.

1) Keep It Simple

If it's the first time your kids have experienced a fishing trip, then you don't want to dive straight in to an overwhelming hours-long boat trip. Instead plan a visit to a quiet, picturesque lake where you can spend an hour or so having a dabble. It's also worth doing some research and picking a spot where there's a high likelihood of a catch in order to keep the kids interested.

2) Go Well Prepared

You want to make sure that everyone is appropriately kitted out, and with a change of clothes in tow just incase of any accidents. On my first ever fishing trip with my Dad I accidentally slipped and ended up in the water - without a change of clothes I was uncomfortable and grumpy for the rest of the day! 
 Make sure to take plenty of refreshments to keep you hydrated and comfortable, as well as packing in your equipment - you don't want to be so busy loading up your carp fishing rods that you forget to bring your flasks and sandwiches!

3) Take Regular Breaks

20 minutes of fishing followed by a 20 minute break is ideal for a first trip, and will keep kids interested. Pack a cooler with easy to eat items such as cereal bars, snack cheeses and nuts which are high in protein and likely to give a good energy boost without getting melty or sticky - make sure to bring the sunscreen too.

4) Accept That Mistakes Will Happen

Fishing with kids is going to be less about fishing for the grown ups and more about the opportunity to bond and create some memories. Try to be patient with children who make mistakes or get frustrated with the lack of a catch, and focus on sharing jokes and stories while you wait. Consider encouraging children to help with the tasks that they naturally take to and make things as accessible as possible, perhaps encourage them to net their catches if reeling is too difficult. Be sure to always celebrate successes with plenty of hugs, high fives and photos and you'll be sure to look back on the day with fond memories.

I hope these tips have been helpful and that you enjoy a Fathers Day Fishing Trip to remember.

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