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Kids Books We’ve Loved In May - Female Empowerment Edition

As a home educating family, we are always on the look out for more books to add to our ever-expanding collection. Especially when it comes to books of the educational variety!

This month we decided to focus on some fantastic female empowerment books, as social justice and feminism are big focuses of our home education - and there are so many fantastic books available to help teach both girls and boys that feminism is for everybody, female empowerment and equality is important, and to introduce them to some great female role models.

I've bought from every book retailer you can think of over the years, but one company we always return to is Books2Door - not only do they stock a fantastic selection of children's books ranging from fun fiction to educational fact books, but there are lots of other perks of shopping with them too such as their fantastic Books2Door+ delivery option which enables you to pay just £6.95 per year for 12 months worth of free deliveries.

They also run a loyalty scheme which enables you to collect points for every £1 you spend, which you can then redeem against future purchases - you can even earn a £5 bonus by referring a friend!

This months books all come from Books2Door - so let's take a look at what we've been loving!


This book collection comes after the huge success of the Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls books, which have seen huge popularity in recent years. 

The Rebel Girls Dream Big collection is comprised of 5 books and 1 notebook, for the brilliant price of £22.99.

The 5 books are:

*Rebel Girls - Awesome Entrepreneurs: 25 Tales Of Women Building Businesses
*Rebel Girls - Climate Warriors: 25 Tales Of Women Who Protect The Earth
*Rebel Girls - Powerful Pairs: 25 Tales Of Mothers & Daughters
*Rebel Girls - Champions: 25 Tales Of Unstoppable Athletes
*Rebel Girls - Lead: 25 Tales Of Powerful Women

As you can see, each page is dedicated to a different Rebel Girl and does a great job of summing up their story and how they came to achieve what they have. The stories are inspiring and engaging, and the illustration of each Rebel Girl really helps to bring them to life.

Let's take a look inside:

I also loved the inclusion of the Rebel Girls notebook, which gives your own Rebel Girl the chance to get involved and take part in some activities designed to unlock her inner Rebel

My daughter loved working her way through this, especially when she got to design her own page featuring her portrait and her rebel story! She told me that her aim is to be in the Rebel Girl books one day - how wonderful would that be!

Here's a look inside:

Our other choice for this month was a box set from my all-time favourite book series, Little People Big Dreams.

We have been collecting these books for a number of years now, and my children really enjoy them - each book focuses on a different notable person and tells the story of their life from childhood right up to their biggest achievements.  The illustrations and "story" format really help to keep the books engaging to children across the age spectrum, and they're ones we always come back to re-read over and over again.

This set was the Little People, Big Dreams - Groundbreaking Women collection and it features 5 books, each about a different ground breaking woman including Dolly Parton, Michelle Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Malala Yousafzai & Greta Thunburg

Each of the stories in the collection was just as fun and engaging as we've come to expect from the Little People Big Dreams books, and we enjoyed them all. One thing that my children really enjoy about these books is that at the end of the story, there is always a page about the real person behind it showing actual photographs of them from their childhood and throughout their life - they really enjoy this!

Included in this box set, was a really fun poster featuring each of the Groundbreaking Women from the books and asking a question for the child to answer - this was a really fun little extra, and something my kids really enjoyed.

Don't forget to head over to 
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