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Tiles Trends and Tips for Making Them Work in Your Home

Looking to have fresh tiles added to your home? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll discuss the best tile trends in 2013 and explain how to make them work in your home. Let’s dive in!

Top Tile Trends in 2023

Here are some of the key tile trends this year:

● Textured tiles

● Checkerboard tiles

● High Gloss tiles

● Natural stone

● Wood-look tiles

● Statement backsplashes

Getting the Right Tiles for You

When it comes to finding the ideal tiles for your kitchen, it’s important that you consider what look would best match your kitchen as a whole. Well-selected kitchen tiles should complement their surroundings and bring fresh qualities to the space (e.g., vibrancy, and colour contrasts).

Ultimately, you’ll want to consider the following aspects to make tiles work for you:

● Good visual match

● Brings additional qualities to the space

● Within your budget

● Offers the durability and resilience you expect

The Perfect Kitchen Tiles

Starting with kitchen tiles, here are some trends you may want to consider implementing.

Splashback Trends

The popularity of backsplash tiles dates back to the 1930s. Kitchen splashbacks (a.k.a. backsplashes) are a sheet of tiles designed to protect your kitchen wall from damage and stains. In most cases, a kitchen splashback will be found behind the hob/kitchen sink; however, some households opt for more unconventional locations.

Some of the hottest splashback trends for 2023 include:

● Hexagon tile splashback featuring pink and blue modern cabinets

● Triangle tiles with black shelves

● Glossy tile backsplash (may use subway tiles, geometric tiles, square tiles, etc.)

● White subway tile backsplash using blue cabinets and gold accents

● Stone slab backsplash

Ceiling High Setup

Another modern trend involves utilising the greater potential of kitchen wall tiling. Having kitchen tiles scale the wall right up to the ceiling with other painted walls throughout the property can make for a new and visually appealing take on kitchen tiling. This approach can also create a taller and more spacious feel to the room. This can be achieved by drawing the eye up, giving you a clearer sense of room scale.

Tiling Along with a pre-existing Splashback

 If you have another type of splashback (e.g., one made of acrylic or stainless steel), you may want to add tiling. For instance, combining high ceilings with slanted walls can work well. Introducing new textures and colours through tiling can complement your splashback.

Other Ideas

● Kitchen wall splashback with metro tiles

● Patterns and hexagons for a funky splashback

● Bold use of colour for a standout splashback (e.g., red tiles)

Bathroom Tile Trends

We’ll now move on to bathroom tile trends that may work for your home in 2023. Again, you’ll want to opt for a trend that best suits your property.


Despite the popularity of checkerboard tile styles, the sheer number of tile designs and colour options means that originality is still possible. Whether you fancy traditional looks or a more distinct aesthetic, checkerboard tiles will remain a popular choice for bathroom tiling in 2023.

Natural Luxury Stone

A truly beautiful addition to your bathroom would be opulent natural stone. Natural materials can really bring a bathroom to life, particularly if you were to opt for a spa bathroom.

Some options include:

● Marble

● Onyx tiles

● Granite

● Limestone

While expensive, a less expensive alternative would be to use stone-effect tiles to achieve the natural luxury stone look all the same.

Moroccan Style Tiles

If you want to bring vibrancy and geometric design (or another intricate design) to your home, you may want to consider Morrocan-style tiles. This timeless trend may date back to around the turn of the 8th century A.D. However, it remains popular in the 21st. This suggests that they’ll remain in fashion for centuries to come (or longer).

Moroccan-style tiles are a good match for most floors and are often used to tile bathroom walls. Moroccan tiles can bring a fresh and visually striking, and spirited vigour to your bathroom. Their versatility, characterful nature and durability are some of their additional strong points.

Other Ideas

● Mosaic tiles

● Use of Earthy tones

● Black and white bathroom tiles

● Geometric designs

● Warm metallic tones

● Combination of matt and gloss tiles

● Calming pink tones

● Printed Earthy and oceanic patterns

Revitalise Your Home With Fresh Tiling Installations

Hopefully, some of the many 2023 tile trends discussed in this blog have given you inspiration and fruit for thought.

To run through ideas in greater depth, you may want to hire an interior designer (or similar professional) to explore what options might suit your home best. Moreover, you might even want to consider (budget-permitting) the option of having tailored tiling added.

The cost of hiring a tiler (with supply and material costs included) can vary greatly depending on the job in question, though for the most part it should cost several hundred pounds.

When looking for the right tiler for you, it’s best to obtain quotes from three tilers before making up your mind. To get the best value for money, you should consider not only their pricing but previous experience and any online reviews/ratings they have.

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