Tuesday, 13 June 2023

4 Reasons To Consider A Last Minute Ski Holiday

With the weather hotting up here in the UK, have you been finding yourself dreaming of an escape to a cooler climate? I know that I certainly have! One holiday you might want to consider is skiing and now could be a great time to consider a last minute Ski holiday - read on to find out why!

1) There can be huge discounts on last minute availability

As the peak ski season is now over, many people don't consider the possibility of a summer ski trip but this is one of the best reasons to do just that. The period in between the end of Winter ski season and the school summer holidays can be a real hidden gem when it comes to finding quiet times on the piste, and June can be a great month for summer skiing in countries such as Austria and France.

The discounts on last minute availability with both flights and ski resorts really can be substantial, and well worth considering.

2) You can make the most of the best resorts before the school holidays

Visiting one of the most popular skiing resorts in peak season can be a bit off-putting as you know you're likely to be dealing with large volumes of people, but squeezing in a trip to some of the most frequented resorts before the rush begins can be just the ticket.

Take Val Thorens for example - this offers some of the best range of slopes in the world, and has excellent facilities for guests including some incredible culinary experiences for the foodies among you. Be sure to arrange your Geneva to Val Thorens Transfer in advance for convenience.

3) There's so much to do on a Skiing holiday

For many years I made the mistake of assuming that a ski holiday would be all about being active on the slopes, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Many ski resorts offer an incredible array of activities to suit every possible taste - from culinary delights, to relaxing treatments at world class spas in the most stunning settings - many resorts even host DJ sets and themed party nights to really ramp the entertainment up a notch. A skiiing holiday can appeal to all tastes, even for those who aren't quite so nifty on the slopes and would just prefer to watch from afar with a delicious cocktail in hand!

4) It could be the perfect relaxing break

Far from being a holiday purely for the active and adventurous, a ski holiday really does have so much to offer - from breath taking scenery that any other destination would struggle to compete with, to a perfect blend of adventure, party vibes and beautiful weather - there really is so much to be taken from a holiday like this. Just imagine how magical a peaceful walk back to your cabin would be as you gaze up at the clear, starry skies after a day on the slopes and an evening enjoying good food and good company. Sounds like bliss!

So what do you think?! Does a trip to the slopes sound tempting or are you more of a Soak Up The Summer kind of person? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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