Monday, 3 February 2014

Our Day At ....Soft Play!

I want to start documenting our days out and activities a little more on the blog, so I'm going to be doing this as a regular feature....Not weekly as we might not have an interesting enough day out each week, but certainly regularly!

You may recall that I mentioned we had a trip to a soft play centre as I ended up taking a rather spooky photograph while we were there...

Well spookiness aside, I wanted to talk about our day at soft play!

I have to admit, I've never been a big fan of soft play centres - like most child-related places, I feel that the overall hygiene & cleanliness in most of them leaves a lot to be desired.

Obviously they can't clean every ball in a ballpond every night and obviously children are climbing all over those balls with their feet, and babies are sucking on certainly not the cleanest of environments!

They all seem to smell a little bit of sweaty feet and they are usually full of other children, some of whom can run a little wild and so I also worry that they might be the ideal place to get injured!

But on the other hand they are lovely & bright, and there is so much for children to do there that they usually wouldn't be able to - and with a young baby I think if you can manage to go at a time when the soft play centre is quiet, they can be a brilliant place for the baby to really have fun exploring!

This particular soft play centre is based in a hotel in Torquay close to where we live - we know it well because we've stayed there on holidays since I was a child - we often call in to use the swimming pool, have a bite to eat in the restaurant or just hang out and enjoy the surroundings.

The soft play centre on this particular day was completely empty as it was during term time so there were no families on holiday here, and during school hours so no local children were visiting...

This meant that - rather than stick to the under 5's section - we had the run of the whole place!

We took full advantage of it, and Jon & I went into the play zone with Tyne.

We explored everywhere!

The playzone is split over 2 levels, and we went all around both....getting up and down the bumpy steps and across the rope bridges gave me a pretty good workout too let me tell you!!!

Tyne loved all the bright colours, and the soft padded floors were ideal for him!

His favourite parts were the hanging logs and the bumpy steps which we used as a slide because the real slide was a bit too big for him!

After the soft play area, we all chilled out in the ball pond for a bit....Tyne hasn't enjoyed the ball ponds at previous soft play centres but I think this is because they can be a bit intimidating when they're full of noisy children throwing balls around - having us in there with him he seemed very relaxed and happily chewed away on all the balls!

We all enjoyed our trip to the soft play centre, and will certainly make use of it again during school hours/term time!

I rate our Day At Soft Play 4 out 5!!!

Do your little ones enjoy soft play centres? What do you think of them? As always, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Lovely pics. I'm taking Eliot to his first soft play experience next week for my nieces birthday. My sister has already mentioned the 'hygiene' which has put me off a bit but l am looking forward to seeing how Eliot enjoys it x

  2. Oh softplay... lol *shudders* I literally can't wait to be one of the 'at the side' mummies... it's like a full workout going with my toddler! lol

  3. Ooh we love softplay, great introduction to it when its empty!

  4. my daughter loves the softplay, its a great way to tire her out aswell lol

  5. Brilliant! You look like you had a ball!

  6. Great picks, we have a soft play area locally, sadly the local kids are a little too rough for our girl so she prefers to stay in and have tea parties

  7. i havent taken caleb to soft play since hes started walking! i really must take him again. although, last time we were there a strange child licked my arm!

  8. my boys love the soft play and we are planning a birthday party in our local one for our primary school boy! Looks like you had great fun x

  9. You were lucky it was so quiet, looks like you had a ball (excuse the pun). I haven't ventured to soft play with my little girl yet as they are huge places and I'd be so worried the bigger children would accidently knock her over and walk on her. We will go one day though x

  10. Love soft play, have spent many hours at these places and always looking for new good CLEAN ones!!! Great little money makers as well, I should open one!!!

  11. Awww you son is so cute, and looks like you had a lovely day out x

  12. Gorgeous photos! My little ones love soft play zones too!

  13. He's adorable. Such lovely pictures.

  14. Its so nice when softplay is emptyish

  15. Re: the spooky photo: you can't get double-exposure anymore, but you can unexpectedly do long exposures on a digital camera, where it's basically the same thing! So hopefully there was no real phantom hand at the back of that photo! There certainly doesn't seem to be in any of these. :) They all look perfectly bright, and normal and cheerful to me!

  16. my little boys love soft play and its a great way for them to interact with other kids (mainly my 3yr old but baby too)

  17. lovely pic my kids sed to love soft play

  18. Softplay drives me mad but my son loves it. All those screaming hyperactive kids is my idea of hell lol. But I still keep taking him!

  19. You know what, as great as this looks for kids, why oh why do they not do an adult version? Can you imagine all us grown ups bouncing around? Fab. x

  20. My 2 boys love soft play, I'm lucky because where I live there are loads to Go to. I hate the smell!! Lovely photos of you all x


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