Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My 15 Week Pregnancy Update

I thought I'd start to share some regular weekly pregnancy updates on the blog to look back on, I should hopefully be starting to include bump shots soon and as of 18 weeks I'll be able to compare them to my last pregnancy as that's when I started to show last time.

I am definitely already showing this time, and my clothes have started to feel tight in the tummy area so it's definitely getting close to Maternity clothes time!

I haven't taken any proper bump photos as of yet as, quite frankly, my hair is a mess and I'd die of shame!!!!

My roots needed touching up when I found out I was expecting, and I wasn't keen on having them done during the first trimester....so by this point they look appalling!!

I'll be getting them done hopefully this week and will then be able to face a camera again!

In the meantime, I did take a couple of quick phone snaps!


*Disgusting aftertaste in my mouth - all the time! Has anyone else experienced this?! Any tips greatly appreciated!

*Nausea...and lots of it. Of course!

*Sore boobs

*Lots of tiredness - I can't seem to make it past 8pm these days without falling asleep!

*Still feeling bloated all the time

*Starting to need a wee multiple time during the night recently too

How I'm feeling

Feeling more positive this week after the scan, and have been trying to get out and about as much as I can. It's not easy with the constant throwing up and nausea as I get nervous about where I can go, and being in the car makes it much worse...but I have at least managed a few trips to shops and things, which has been nice.


Nothing too strong, but I have been fancying chicken a lot more than I usually would.

Anything To Report?: 

We had our 12 week scan last week and got our first photo of Pickle.

We will be having a private scan in just over a week's time, when we'll hopefully be finding out the gender....then the shopping can begin!

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  1. fingers crossed the 2nd trimester will be better than the 1st :-) so exciting finding out if its little brother or sister for tyne xxxx

  2. I think you look fab Hayley! Nothing wrong with a bit of rootage in the hair department, it's ombre, no? :) I hope you get over the nausea soon x

  3. My roots are just as bad and Im not pregnant just haven't had time. You look fab. For the morning sickness I really liked PSI bands as they are plastic so you can wear them in the shower and they don't look like sickness bands so people just think you are wearing a watch. You can get them on amazon I think. I hope your sickness finishes soon - I also always had a funny taste in my mouth and anything that had been in plastic tasted like plastic and I couldn't eat it!


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