Friday, 30 May 2014

Review: Karpo Restaurant, Kings Cross

While in London, we were invited along to try out Karpo restaurant in Kings Cross.

The location is ideal - literally across the road from Kings Cross station, it could not be any easier to find.

The eye catching building certainly makes it stand out too!

Inside is no less of a treat to the eye, with a real modern and funky feel through out.....

But enough with the impressive decor, what about the food?

I did find the menu to be quite difficult to choose from for my personal taste, as I'm not a big meat eater and I don't really eat much fish at all - there was only one vegetarian option I could see on the mains menu so I would suggest that perhaps expanding the menu slightly to better accommodate vegetarian diners could be considered.

Jon, however, as a keen fish lover was spoiled for choice.

We decided eventually on what to order - with a little help from our very friendly and knowledgeable waiter.

Jon ordered the  Deep Fried Cod cheeks starter (£6) , and I went with the Wild garlic bruschetta (£4)

The presentation was faultless, and the food very tasty. I felt that the prices of the starters were very reasonable considering the quality of the dishes.

For the main course, Jon ordered the Veal while I went with the Rump 42 day Belted Galloway beef with Bearnaise sauce (£18).  Upon the suggestion of our waiter, we also ordered a side of Crispy Roosevelt potatoes (£3).

Jon thoroughly enjoyed the veal, and the presentation was absolutely exceptional.

Unfortunately, my steak was slightly less enjoyable - I had asked for it to be well done but it arrived medium at best. I understand that many chefs dislike cooking a good steak to "Well Done" but this is what I prefer so I do find it irritating when I'm given very pink steak oozing bright red juices.  I wasn't too keen on the bearnaise sauce but this is not the fault of Karpo - I simply do not like any bearnaise sauce, but it was the only option with the steak on the menu. I think perhaps a second choice of accompanying sauce may be a good idea.

The highlight of the main meal was the crispy roosevelt potatoes - as promised by our waiter, they were crisp and sweet and so incredibly moreish! I would highly recommend these.

And finally came time for dessert...

Jon chose the chilled vanilla rice pudding with rhubarb (£4) which, quite simply, he raved about non stop for the 2 hour journey back home! Clearly he was very impressed.

I chose the chocolate cremosa with peanut popcorn and salt (£5) - I found the presentation a little unappealing at first, but it tasted absolutely divine. The chocolate cremosa was rich and creamy, the salt set off the chocolate perfectly and the peanut popcorn was a real treat and the perfect accompaniment.

All in all, our meal at Karpo was very enjoyable - nice food beautifully presented in stunning surroundings, for a very reasonable price.

To find out more about Karpo or to view the menus, please visit

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