Friday, 18 September 2015

Last minute hair appointment for London fashion week

Our capital city, London, will once again be hosting the annual London Fashion Week this September. The city will be alive with the very beautiful, the very chic and the hottest in designer looks, all strutting their stuff not just on the catwalks, but also on the pavements of our buzzing city. Perhaps you'll be visiting a particular show, or following the action online or in the newspapers and fashion magazines? With so much beauty and fashion hype around this autumn, it's hard not to feel inspired in some way. If you do, you can get involved, either by paying a visit to the show yourself, or grabbing a piece of the action by re-vamping your own look.

We all know that London Fashion week's not just all about clothes. Make-up and hair are very much a part of it and help to show off designer outfits to their best advantage. Some of the hottest fashion trends will be set for the forthcoming season and the country's top hair designers will be working hard with make-up artists and fashion designers behind the scenes, to create a unique fusion of beauty, across a variety of stunning and individual looks.

London Fashion Week really sets trends in hair styles too. In previous years, these have included throw-back styles from bygone eras, such as the 1950's and even earlier. Catchy and timeless features like the ponytail have been part of the 'in' look. More recent styles, in the form of the famous 1990's pudding-bowl haircut have also been spotted. The shabby, ruffled party look has been combined with the more chic and demure of cuts. It's all there to be seen, including the long, the short and the bob styles, perms and just about every other cut and style you could possibly imagine, with some whacky ones too! 

Colour is a huge part of fashion and you'll see adventurous and bold shades, as well as soft and subtle tones. We're no strangers to vivid colours being used on hair these days. The top stylists know how to contrast colour with texture, to create an amazing and individual look. When you combine hair texture and colour with your clothing, as they do on the catwalk, you can really create a look to stand out from the crowd. 

So, if you're feeling inspired at the prospect of London Fashion Week and are planning to dress up and get out there, it's easy to get a last minute hair appointment to compliment your make-up and clothes as you step out. At Rock Pamper Scissors , you'll find a site that's been topping the charts for matching up hairdressers in Manchester and hairdressers in Leeds with clients. Soon to include London salons, there'll be a wealth of choice as to where you can make an appointment to have your hair done in London, even at the last minute. You don't have to have a complete re-style, if you're happy with your existing cut you can just have a tidy-up or a trim, or maybe get your colours re-done.

The various services and prices are clearly displayed for you to choose from, being all grouped together on one page with photos of the salon in action and review ratings too, so it's easy to make a well-informed choice. If you're not a last-minute merchant you can still take advantage this site to book your hair appointment in advance. 

The site's fast branching out across the country to cover our top cities, as these are always a hotbed of fashion and style. So, jump on the band wagon, feel inspired by fashion and get yourself a fabulous cut and style this autumn.

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