Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Home Bargains Easter Craft

Last week we received a lovely box of Easter themed goodies from Home Bargains for my 2 year old son Tyne to have a play with!
Home Bargains have been one of my favourite stores ever since I was a kid myself as I'd always head to our local stores in Liverpool to spend my pocket money, and now my own kids are fans too as they can always find such great toys and craft bits and pieces for their money there.
I'd already been in to store and browsed the Easter range myself so I knew they had some lovely bits in - what we received was all lovely, it included a chocolate bunny and a cute Easter themed sugar mallow lolly as well as some very sweet easter bunny ears!

Tyne and I had lots of fun having a little Easter crafting session together - we started off by making some Easter cards for family members. The card making sets are really sweet and contain everything you need to make 6 cards.

Tyne loves anything involving gluing and sticking so he was delighted, and happily sat making cards for all of his family members.

After we were done with the cards, we turned our attention to the Easter Bonnet kit - the kit included the bonnet itself, some glue and all kinds of decorative accessories to choose from including ribbon, pom poms, eyes, pipe cleaners, felt bunnies and much more.

We created quite a fetching little bonnet if I do say so myself! Tyne was quite proud of our work!

If you fancy a bit of Easter crafting this weekend, head to your local Home Bargains store to check out the range!

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