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How I'm Getting On With My 40 Before 40 Bucket List!

A couple of years ago when I turned 35, I shared a list of 40 things I really wanted to achieve before I turned 40 years old.

I knew I was setting myself a pretty big task with only having 5 years to achieve them in, but I liked the idea of really making the most of the last years of my 30s and doing things I've dreamed about for years.

I'm now 2 years in, and so far I've managed to cross 14 things off. 

I'll share them at the end of this post if you want to see my progress, but what's really struck me when looking back on my list is how much I've changed as a person in those two years.

There are things listed there which were obviously important to me two years which I've now had a complete change of heart and mind on. 

For example, the very first thing on my list was to get to a dress size that I feel comfortable with. My mind was so completely consumed back then with feelings of wanting to change myself in order to be more appealing to society, and if I'm completely online followers!, that the main thing I wanted to achieve was to take up less space in the world.

Now...I have no interest in that whatsoever. I've crossed it off my list because although I haven't achieved it in the way I intended losing weight...I HAVE achieved it in a different way.

I am the same dress size that I was then...but I feel comfortable with it. Because I know now that I'm perfectly fine exactly as I am. Job done!

Looking back at the list has me thinking about how close I am to 40 now, and how the next list I make will be one of things to do before I'm 50.

It's strange to think of myself as nearing that age bracket. I've always thought of 50 as the start of "Old age" but the closer I get to it, the more I realise that isn't true at all. You only need to look at this amazing list of people who fully embraced life after 50.

Infact whereas my 40 list has been filled largely with experiences I want to have, career goals and countries to visit...I fully intend to fill my 50 list with learning.

I want to spend time opening myself up to new pursuits and skills, expanding my mind and interests, and seeing what "else" is out there. I've spent my entire life knowing what I like and sticking to it....but who knows what else is out there?

I'm so looking forward to finishing working my way through this list...I hope to be able to cross off another 10 things in 2019, I'm aiming to finally get my driving license, plan a visit to Ireland, and try to join an amateur dramatics group at least!

Have you ever written a birthday bucket list? What would you put on yours?

Here's how my list looks right now for anyone who wants to have a look!

1) Get To A Dress Size I Feel Comfortable With 

I acheived this not by weight loss but by completely changing my mind set around my body, after embracing body positivity

2) Go to an 80's concert (If Jason Donovan is there, bonus!)

Saw Jason himself in concert, performing his 80s classics - brilliant!

3) Watch "The Book Of Mormon" at the theatre

I went with Jon to see this last year, I've never laughed so much in my life - hilarious show!

4) Watch "Wicked" in the West End

5) Go To Disneyland Paris with the Kids for Halloween

We've been to the Halloween season twice now...and been back to Disneyland Paris on 6 other occasions too. It's crazy to think that when I wrote this list, I was too controlled by my anxiety disorder to consider visiting Disneyland Paris at all - I'm so pleased I overcame it as Disneyland Paris has become our family happy place!

6) Visit New York City

7) Go On A Royal Caribbean Cruise With The Kids 

I've been on twice with the boys and once on a girly holiday with my sister since writing the list

8) Go On A Disney Cruise 

9) Go To Italy and eat proper Italian pasta

We managed to visit two cities in Italy during our med cruise -Rome and Florence - I ate pasta in both and it  was amazing!

10) Learn to drive

11) Go to Ireland

12) Get married and have my dream wedding

13) Have a fourth child

14) Buy our own home

15) Get a small tattoo 

16) Get something (Anything!) published in print

I was asked to write an article for Essentials magazine, it was the first thing I'd written myself that was published and It felt like an actual dream come true!

17) Move even closer to the sea

18) Win a blog award!!!

With the help of my amazing followers, I managed to achieve that last month when I won the coveted Readers Choice Award in the Britmums Brilliance In Blogging Awards!

19) Do a degree or qualification in writing/journalism or possibly teaching

20) Get veneers

21) See Madonna in concert

22) Learn to play Piano

23) Own a pet and learn to love it (I'm so not an animal person but I want to change that!)

24) Swim with or touch a dolphin

25) Cuddle (or at least stroke) a monkey

26) Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant

27) Have a whole night away on my own somewhere (Spa or retreat maybe?!)

28) Go on our a tour of Buckingham palace

I visited London for a few days last year with Jon & Tyne, and did the palace was AMAZING. I cried!

29) Join an amateur dramatics group/be in a play

30) Be a bloggers keynote speaker at an event

31) Try past life regression

32) Take a cookery class

32) Take a photography course

I did an online course last year which has been a good help, although I would still like to an "in person" hands on course too

33) Investigate my blood line/genealogy and research my family tree

I worked with a brand last year who gave me the chance to have my blood line traced, and I was really intrigued by the results. I also managed to trace back around 7 generations on my Fathers family line using which was really good fun and very interesting. I'd love to find out more about my Mums side of the family.

34) Write a book

35) Dye my hair an unnatural colour 

Since writing this list, I've dyed my hair unicorn colours, baby pink and lilac at various times. I plan to go hot pink next!

36) Do a make up and/or hairdressing course

37) Overcome a fear

I managed to overcome my lifelong fear of flying after taking a course with Easyjet last year...I'm amazed that I managed to conquer what was my biggest fear of all!

38) Learn to manage my anxiety and panic attacks more

After over a year of weekly therapy sessions, I made huge progress on this and was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. I will always suffer somewhat but I feel that things have become much more manageable.

39) Go to Lapland with the kids

40) Have a big party to celebrate my 40th!!

So I guess it's 14 down, 26 to go! 

Wish me luck!

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