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Top 10 Things You MUST SEE & DO At Disneyland Paris

With 6 trips to Disneyland Paris under our belts in the last couple of years, it's fair to say that I've done my fair share of research in to all of the best bits and hidden delights the park has to offer so today I thought It was high time to share that knowledge with you guys!

Now obviously with something like this, personal taste plays a huge part and there may well be things on this list that you think are a waste of time but I would recommend that everybody at least gives them a go once because these are some of the things that make our Disney trips that bit more special.

So without further ado, my Ultimate List Of MUST DO's At Disneyland Paris!

1) See The Dragon Under The Castle

This might seem like an obvious one but I was aghast to learn that my own sister, who has been to Disneyland Paris with her children several times, didn't even know that there was a giant animatronic dragon under the castle until she saw my videos!

I think there's something really magical about going on a little adventure to explore the castle (you can go upstairs and see the snoring knights, and see the spinning wheel too!) and then heading underneath it to discover the dragon!

It's one of those little touches of Disney magic that really adds to the experience for me and really makes children believe that they're immersed in a fairy tale world - but do be warned, it is a bit scary for little ones!

You enter the Dragons Lair (Or Taniere Du Dragon as the sign reads!) via the walkways to the left of the castle, and it's a bit dark as you walk in - inside you'll find the dragon sleeping, but every few minutes she wakes up, moves her head, swishes her tail around and lets out a big roar - it never fails to make my children jump and want to run away but we still make sure we pay her a visit every time!

2) Dont Miss The Shows

Even if you're not usually a fan of theatre, even if you think your little ones won't want to sit through it - the shows at Disney are really something extra special and are well worth a watch!

Mickey & The Magician in particular is absolutely magical, don't let the fact that its largely in French put you off - it really doesn't matter!

I thought we'd all be bored stupid at the Marvel show as none of us like Marvel at all but it blew our socks off, it was bloomin brilliant! Watch them ALL!
3) See Illuminations At Least Once

Every evening at park closing time, the castle plays host to an incredible show of animation, fireworks and water works which is unlike anything else on Earth.

The crowds for this are massive and you do have to wait an hour or so before hand to get a decent spot, but it's something you really shouldn't miss - we make sure we watch it at least once each trip and I know some people who watch it every single day of their holiday, it's a breathtaking end to a Disney day!

4) Watch The Parades

This seems so obvious to me, but I was absolutely mind blown during my last trip when a lady walked up to me as I was waiting for the parade to start to ask me what everyone was waiting for - when I told her it was the parade, she said "Oh. And are the parades worth watching?"

OH MY GOD YES, NOBODY SHOULD MISS THEM is the short answer! Again, the crowds can be big and you need to get there early to get a good spot but it is so so worth it - every parade I've seen at Disneyland Paris has been amazing!

They do the main parade at 5ish every day (check the programmes for times) but during special seasons such as Halloween, Christmas, or the Princess & Pirate Festival they also do extra mini seasonal parades too which are also BRILLIANT and shouldn't be missed! The Halloween parade is my fave thing EVER at Disney!

The parades are also the only place to see some of the characters who don't have scheduled meets in the park, such as Anna and Elsa.

5) Ride Down Main Street In A Vehicle

This is one that we didn't do ourselves for our first few visits. It didn't look that appealing to me - I quite like the stroll down Main Street and the vehicles didn't strike me as anything special, but my eldest son is obsessed with all things Police related so when he spotted an old fashioned police car he just had to have a ride in it.

Once we'd ridden in it, we realised that actually - it does feel quite special to be chauffeur driven down Main Street toward the beautiful Sleeping Beauty's Castle, and now we make sure we have a ride in one every time! 

6) Ride Star Tours More Than Once

Star Tours is a favourite ride of ours, and after going on it back-to-back a few times we realised that there are three different "Journeys" to take on the ride - so we always make sure to ride it a few times to get to experience them all. They're all brilliant fun!

7) Go To The Secret Spot!

The "Secret Spot" is possibly the worst kept secret in the world as I think everybody knows about it by now.

It's a walkway that the cast use to get to the castle stage for their performances, and if you go and stand there just before a show then you get to see them all as they make their way there - usually if your little one is dressed up as a particular character then that person will come and give a quick hello (Not always guaranteed so best not to make any promises!).

You can find the secret spot by walking through the courtyard next to Auberge De Cendrillon restaurant in Fantasyland, past Cinderella's Carriage to the gates at the back.

You also get to see the Princesses inside the restaurant leave for their breaks too, and they usually say a quick hello - not quite the same as a meet and greet as it's a very quick wave and then they're gone but it's a nice way for little fans to spot the Princesses without having to queue for ages!

8)Visit the Christmas Shop In The Castle

The Christmas Shop is located inside Sleeping Beauty's Castle on the right hand side as you enter from Main Street, it's Christmas themed all year round and if you're a fan of all things festive - it's a must see!

They sell the most stunning Disney Christmas decorations ever, and the whole shop is decorated for Christmas all year round - it is gorgeous!

9) Have a look around the Disneyland Hotel 

You don't have to be a guest of the Disneyland Hotel to go inside, anyone is welcome to go in - you can book in for dinner at one of the restaurants inside (Inventions Character Buffet is fantastic!), pop in and have a drink in the bar, browse the shop inside, book in for a Princess makeover in the boutique or just go in and have a nosey around - it's stunning inside and well worth a look for a quick sit down in gorgeous surroundings!

 (And just FYI, They also have the nicest loos - sod the ones in the park on your way out at closing time, nip in to the Disneyland hotel and have a wee in style!)

10) Spot the Evil Queen in Fantasyland

My boys loved this when we found it. If you have a look in the windows above the Snow White ride, you'll notice that every few moments - the Evil Queen opens the curtains and pops her head out!

It's just an animatronic, but it's another one of those little things to spot that add to the magic!

11) Eat lunch In Front Of The Castle

This was something we only did for the first time on our last visit as we usually eat inside the restaurants, but last time we decided to get some takeaway hot dogs from Casey's Corner and sit on a bench to the side of the castle to eat them - and it was lovely!

Lunch with a view doesn't get better, trust me!

So those are my top Must Do's at Disneyland Paris - do you have any favourite things to do and see when you visit? I'd love to hear them so pop me a comment and let me know!

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