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Top Interior Design Blogs for Home Inspiration

Your home is your castle. And these days, where possible, many of us are doing up and extending our current homes rather than enduring the tribulations of moving. The environment you create around you impacts how you feel - it is indeed your castle, but also your nest and your safe space. Having it reflect you and those living in it is what makes it embracing and welcoming. But how do you continue to ensure its right for you as times change, trends change, you change and moods change?

Hooray for the internet. It provides a ready portal to information, ideas and inspiration - and this is especially true for the world of interior design, homewares and styles. Whether you are looking for a few ideas, a lighting tweak, colour inspiration or a total overhaul, there are many tantalising suggestions and nuggets of advice to help you get the look and feel that you’ll really love. But as always with the internet, where do you start with so much information out there? Well we were inspired by this top interior design blog list, and so thought we might run down some of our favourites of 2019 too.

From furniture, to colour and pattern combinations, to environmental considerations and from the old (vintage darling) to the utterly modern and everything in-between, it’s all out there for the browsing. Let the people who have been blogging and writing on interiors for years offer you a shortcut to the freshest, vibrant design insight. Our list doesn’t include the big magazine names as we thought you’d find these easily yourself, but it’s is aimed at covering different styles and tastes, being simply based on people whose ideas we’ve enjoyed and whose passion feels real and contagious. There is no hierarchy and the sites are mentioned in no particular order. Just nab the ideas you like, follow those that float your boat and enjoy.

1. Mad about the house -
We can’t not mention this site. It’s the home of experienced interiors journalist Kate Watson-Wright, she’s written for many major papers and interiors magazines. It’s an incredibly popular source of inspo and clearly strikes a chord with its audience. This site also now includes a Do Less Harm directory - highlighting companies that are working to reduce their impact on the environment - this part is fairly new and not audited, but as she says ‘it’s a start’.

2. Fresh Design Blog
This blog comes from freelance home, interiors and property writer, Rachel Newcombe with a few additional articles from other bloggers. It includes interviews, room ideas, practical hacks and general advice. It seeks to whet your interiors appetite with both the more affordable and the aspirational.

3. Design Soda -
Born of a young couple with a new home and plenty of design enthusiasm, this blog has evolved and now charts the renovation of a family home. It aims to be high on style but not on budget with an open and eclectic approach showing a love of colour and pattern.

Devon based blogger, Stacey Sheppard has built a strong reputation with her thoughts on everything from “furniture, lighting and flooring to kitchens, bathrooms and wallcoverings”. She’s written for multiple interiors publications and websites and covers a host of categories to inspire you.

5. French for Pineapple -
Bianca Hall describes herself as an ‘interiors obsessive and DIY lover’ who reveals the reinventions and redecorations of her Victorian family home along with some of her favourite brand and products reviews with handy top tens (such as feature lamps, rugs etc).

Maxine Brady in Brighton is an interior stylist with a flair for the bold and bright with a feminine touch. Her site covers decorating trends, interiors and interiors styling behind the scenes from her work. All in all, there are plenty of different looks to enjoy. 

7. Luke Arthur Wells  -
A one time contestant on BBC's The Great Interior Design Challenge, Luke has since been working as an interior designer for brands and homes. His approach is about the understated and timeless. There are also practical tips and cost-effective how-tos, sometimes demonstrated by examples from his own home and projects.

Helen Powell, based in Warwickshire, offers a more minimalist approach showing a love of neutrals and simplicity. Like many on our list, she’s contributed content to major sites and publications. Her reviews cover luxury and affordable brands. Her husband is a designer too and his design and architectural experience feed into the site.

9. Love Chic Living -
With very regular posts, you can feel the passion of Jen Stanbrook. After a diverse career background, Jen happily launched herself into the interiors world via this blog. And this career avenue has truly taken off for her. Her style is vibrant and sometimes maximalist. This blog offers product reviews, interiors ideas by room and a number of design categories.

Brought to you by Athina Bluff and Amy Brandhorst this blog seeks to be ‘the home of affordable interior design’. The designs have an elegant, clean and fresh feel with and the site offers some free downloadable resources to get you planning.

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