Saturday, 7 March 2020

Things to do whilst waiting at an airport

So, you’ve arrived at the airport with a lot of time to spare. And when I say a lot of time to spare, I mean you’ve got enough time to go browse through every shop within the airport and still have more than 3+ hours until your flight is ready for boarding. I get it, it’s better to be safe than sorry. But when you have your children with you, their levels of boredom can go easily increase if you don’t have any activities planned. That’s okay, I’m here to help – here are some of my favourite things to do while waiting at the airport.

Enjoy free airport activities.

Many airports worldwide have special activities for travellers to guarantee that their experience at the airport is that bit more pleasant. If you find yourself at Tokyo's Haneda Airport and love looking at the stars, you’d be happy to hear that they have their own planetarium. If you and your family love dancing and are waiting for a flight at Nashville International, you might be able to bust a move as the airport holds up to 100 concerts per year. If you want to know what else you can find at airports around the world, has created an infographic with a list of "50 things to do when you're stuck at an airport".

Play games.

Ground support equipment provider, Aviation Spares, recommends playing I-Spy to discover the equipment used to prepare your plane for boarding. It’s also a great idea to teach your little ones about everything that happens at airports and all the different jobs that can be found there.

Don’t let anyone get hangry.

If either you or the kids start getting grumpy from being hungry, things can turn south really quickly. So, don’t let things get to that point and get some food in your bellies. If you have enough time at the airport, I’d recommend treating yourself to the airport lounge. As this article on Life Hacker mentions, some airport lounges are simply “open spaces where you can kick back, take a quick shower or freshen up after a long flight, and maybe grab a light snack—and they're not expensive or exclusive.”

If all else fails, remember to have some shows downloaded on your tablet, so you can all have a bit of a cinematic break. And then, it’s time to board your flight!

What other things to do enjoy doing at the airport?

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