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How to Clean the Carpet in a Pet-Friendly Way?

Pets bring a lot of pleasant moments in our life. Let’s face it – without them our life would be boring! However, they should be given special care and attention. This is especially true when cleaning the carpet floors, which can accumulate a lot of dirt and hair, stains and smell. Also, pet hair can be a source of numerous allergic reactions in humans. Add here the periodic “pranks” of cute little animals when they decide to mark the territory, and it becomes clear that cleaning carpets in houses where there are pets is time-consuming and not always effective.

To maintain perfect cleanliness at home, carpet cleaning should be done regularly and more thoroughly. We offer some valuable tips for quick and efficient domestic carpet cleaning.

Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

There are several ways to make maintaining the carpet easier, in case you have pets. Firstly, you can just comb the animal several times a day, and then less hair will fall on the carpet. Secondly, you need to use special shampoos so that the animal does not shed so much. Another good way is, of course, to use the vacuum cleaner. However, in most cases, it effectively absorbs only long hair. Smaller hairs are embedded in the pile itself. Here a wet broom comes to the rescue, since the wool adheres well to it, however, long hairs will still have to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. You can also do this with a wet rag or a special brush, but they must be periodically cleaned of pet hair and moistened again in water. You can also remove small hair with scotch tape, wrapping it around the arm with the sticky side out, and then hold it on the carpet with that side; the hairs will stick to the scotch tape and be removed.

You can slightly modify the cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, which will give it higher efficiency: you must first moisten the carpet with water or a solution of potassium permanganate, only then turn on the vacuum cleaner. Another option, which is believed to be more effective: spray a mixture of water and any fabric softener (in a one to one ratio) on the surface, and then vacuum the product, this will help the animal’s hair to come off the pile. In general, if you have a furry animal, you need to vacuum the carpet two to three times a week, because fresh hair is easier to remove. If at home there are also small children, then high-quality carpet cleaning becomes more relevant than ever. After all, small insects sometimes start up in the hair of pets.

Remove Spots and Unpleasant Odors from the Carpet

The fresh place of the animal “surprise” should be thoroughly, and it is better to get it wet several times with a paper towel. When the pile of the carpet dries, locally soak it with a solution of vinegar with added water and blot it again with a dry cloth. Repeating the procedure will improve the effect. Then, to eliminate the smell, sprinkle a place with soda or citric acid, and allow to dry, after vacuuming. You can apply a special carpet cleaner, let it dry and go through with a vacuum cleaner again.

We advise you to definitely arrange for pets their "personal" places for sleep, games and toilets. The mode of hygiene, walking and regular combing is also important.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

If the carpet is heavily polluted, you need to resort to professional carpet cleaning methods. Sometimes it is simply impossible to do without it. You need to order carpet cleaning London from a company that guarantees professional and gentle removal of animal hair, using environmentally friendly, safe and reliable means that do not harm the carpet. In addition, the company needs to offer anti-mole and antistatic treatment services.

Why choose carpet cleaning services? The fact is that, when processing the carpet on your own at home, the product may lose its shape, the colors will gradually become less bright, and not every stain can be removed independently, especially if they are old. However, it should be remembered that you should trust only to well-established companies, especially if the carpet is expensive, since it can easily be ruined.

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