Thursday, 28 May 2020

Top 10 Gifts For A Pet Lover

With Fathers Day just around the corner, many of us are trying to come up with the perfect gift ideas to surprise the Father figures in our lives - and with the majority of stores closed right now, that can be tricky to do.

For todays gift guide, I'm going to be focusing on some gift ideas that are perfect for pet lovers - making them not only a great option for Fathers Day but the perfect treat for year-round occasions too.

1. A Pet Hair Vacuum

One of the major issues that any pet lover is likely to face in their home is the problem of pesky pet hair! Treating them to a vacuum cleaner that specialises in just such a problem could make for the ideal gift - they can be a little on the pricey side, with the highly rated Dyson V7 Cordless Vacuum coming in at around the £200 mark - but if you're feeling flush this could make for the perfect splurge gift!

2. A Custom Pet Pillow

This is one gift idea that I think would be perfect for a pet lover who travels away from home, or perhaps for someone who's away at college and missing their family pet. You can have your pet immortalized in cushion form so they can accompany you on all of your travels - even when the real thing can't! Such a cute gift idea.

3. A Gourmet Pet Food Subscription

Ok so this gift is more aimed at the pet itself than the owner, but any pet lover will surely love a gift that makes their furry friend happy. There are a number of gourmet dog and cat food subscription services available which would make the perfect quirky and unusual gift!

4. A Quirky Tote Bag

Everybody loves a tote bag with a funny and appropriate quote, right?! These "I like animals more than people" ones would make a great gift for any pet lover, and it's always nice to get a gift thats functional as well as fun.

5. A Pet Portait

An Animal Portrait is the perfect gift for someone who just adores their pet - what better way to acknowledge their love of their furry friend than by immortalising them forever in a beautiful work of art?

Vector Pets offers a fantastic service for this which is so easy to use - all you need to do is upload a photograph of the pet, and they will get to work creating your portrait. The price is so reasonable too!

I think this would make an especially poignant gift for anyone who has lost a beloved pet, too.

6. A Personalised Mug

I happen to think that a mug ALWAYS makes the perfect gift no matter what the occasion, and this one is no different! Whether your intended recipient is a dog mum, a Cat dad or a Guinea pig owner - you will always be able to get a personalised mug to suit them and it's a gift that suits all budgets too. Ideal!

7. Personalised Pet Bed

Again this may be a gift that's aimed more at the animal than the human, but I think a personalised pet bed makes a lovely gift - its thoughtful and unusual, and you can get some really beautiful ones which would make a lovely addition to a stylish pet owners home.

8. Personalised Christmas Ornaments

My family & I all have our own personalised baubles which are hung on our Christmas tree every year - a tradition that many families have. It goes without saying that a much loved pet is an important member of the family, so a personalised bauble featuring a photo of them would be the perfect addition to any families Christmas tree and something that will be treasured each and every holiday season.

9. A Stylish Treat Tin

Most pet owners will need to keep a selection of pet food and treats readily available, so would most definitely appreciate a stylish storage container such as this one. It's the sort of thing that nobody thinks of buying for themselves, but that every pet owner would surely love to have!

10. A Stylish TeePee House

If the pet lover in your life happens to own a smaller furry friend, then how about one of these super cute pet teepees? As a proud Guinea Pig parent, I can honestly say that I LOVE these and would happily have one in my home for my little piggies! Not only are they super cute and snuggly, they also look great!

I hope this lift has helped to inspire your gift choices, and that you manage to pin down the perfect gift for the pet lover in your life. Good Luck!

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