Thursday, 29 October 2020

4 Unusual UK Family Holidays

Whether it’s a week on a remote island or a weekend in an elegant mansion, we occasionally fancy something less familiar and more alternative when it comes to our holidays with the family.  So, are you planning an unusual holiday in the UK? Then check out one of these unlikely destinations for the ultimate unforgettable family getaway.

1.      Stay on a Remote Scottish Island

It is impossible to think of Scotland without conjuring images of looming mountains, magnificent glens, enchanting lochs, and untamed coastline. But what most people overlook is that Scotland hosts over 700 islands, all of which possess a distinct charm and personality.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a hard-core island explorer, or just keen to escape the humdrum of city life, staying on a remote island in Scotland is a pleasant change from your usual vacation repertoire.  Stay in one of the many stylish seashore independent cottages for ultimate peace and relaxation.

 Head to Barra, secluded yet spectacular and brimming with things to see and explore, including the white marble statue of Our Lady of the Sea, Kisimul Castle in the quaint town of Castlebay, and the dreamy, silvery-white coastline of Vatersay.  Take a boat to the wildlife-rich Isle of Rum for its red deer, wild billy goats, and white-tailed sea eagles.  Get an entire farmhouse to yourself in Torsa, with nothing else to keep you company but the island’s wildlife and magical views of the surrounding meadows, hills, and bays.


2.      Wild Swimming in the Lake District

 Simply put, wild swimming is bathing in natural bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and springs.  The activity has recently become a favorite activity for many outdoor lovers.  Home to 16 lakes, the Lake District offers plenty of options for first-time wild swimmers and experienced thrill-seekers alike.  Although you can swim in most of the lakes, the three most popular sites are Buttermere, Crummock Water, and Wastwater. 

 Go off the beaten path to find hidden pools of pristine water, as well as terns and meres nestled in fells.  Waddle in Gill Force, a small rocky gorge close to a campsite, or take shelter from the hot sun in Gallery Force, an enchanting waterfall surrounded by grassy knolls and giant rowan trees.  At Tongue Pot, soak in the emerald-colored pool beneath an ancient packhorse bridge. Head on to Kailpot Crag, a high craggy cliff ideal for jumps.


3.      Head to a Luxury Welsh Manor

From medieval castles to sprawling traditional cottages to aristocratic holiday manors in Wales, it has it all, and more.  Think of rich history, ancient traditions, hearty cuisine, and friendly people, set in a stunning backdrop of snow-capped mountains, striking coastlines, and picturesque valleys. 

 To experience pure luxurious living, spend your unusual family holiday in a classic manor house in the Welsh countryside.  Check out The Jacobean Hall, an elegant 17th-century architectural masterpiece of oak-paneled halls, grand staircases, stone fireplaces, and spacious bedrooms. The manor sits on 100 acres of lush parkland that features a driveway lined with oaks and elms, a 3-acre walled garden, and woodlands that lead to River Alyn.


4.      Stay in a Tree House in Devon

There is something inherently magical about living in a cozy space perched on branches.  If you are bored rigid of staying in a typical hotel, there’s no better way to create new adventures than by hanging out in a treehouse.

 The beautiful countryside of Devon has a large number of treehouses to tickle your fancy, from innovative architectural wonders to quirky handcrafted retreats to modern luxury hideaways. The best thing about staying in a treehouse is that it allows you to get in touch with nature while living one of your childhood dreams.

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