Monday, 26 October 2020

Finding the Help That You Need

2020 has been a difficult year for many of us. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has changed many of our lives - few for the better and many for the worse - meaning that the year hasn’t panned out quite as many of us might have expected when it first started out. The pandemic has faced many of us with many different problems, so it’s important to be aware of the different sources of help and support that are available to you. Here are just a few that might come in useful.

Support with Grief

We don’t often like to talk about the main toll that coronavirus has had on the world’s population, but it’s important to start out with this one. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Many of us have been touched by grief this year and it’s absolutely essential to know that grieving is a completely normal and natural process that different people deal with in different ways. Regardless of how you’re grieving, there are sources of support out there that can help you. There are support groups where you can connect with others who have lost loved ones. You can get in touch with wrongful death attorneys who always deliver results to seek justice if your loved one was lost through others’ wrongdoing. There are therapists and counselors who can guide you through your journey. Try different options to see what works for you.

Financial Support

Finances have become difficult for many of us this year too. Even the most financially stable amongst us have found ourselves experiencing hardship for a variety of different reasons of late. Many people have found that the companies they are working for have collapsed, causing unemployment and job loss. Many people have been made redundant by companies who are attempting to stay afloat and can’t pay as many salaries right now. Some of us have had to accept reduced working hours or reduced salaries in order to keep our jobs. Some of us have been self-employed but have still found ourselves unable to work due to lack of demand for services and time taken off for sickness or isolation. Whatever your reason for experiencing financial hardship, there are plenty of sources of help right now. First, if you’re struggling to pay bills or keep up financial commitments, such as credit card repayment or loan repayments, you may want to reach out to the lender or individual you have an agreement with, for example, your landlord. People are aware that times are hard and many people or lenders will be lenient and give reduced interest rates, remove interest rates, accept smaller payments, accept later payments, or a whole range of other steps that can help you to find your feet again.

These are just a couple of different areas you may need help with during this pandemic. Hopefully, you don’t require any of this information. But if you do, it should come in pretty useful.

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