Monday, 26 October 2020

Tips for Selling Your Pre-Loved Jewellery

With Christmas well on it's way, many of us are turning our attention to bringing in a bit of extra money to help toward the usual expenses that go hand in hand with the festive time of year.

I'm a firm believer in having a clear out at this time of year in order to make way for gifts that my children are likely to recieve, and it's always a good way to make a bit of extra spending money too - but I have to admit that my focus tends to be on toys. 

This year, however, I've decided to do something I haven't tried before - selling some of the jewellery that I no longer wear.

Over the years I've built up quite a little collection from gifts I've received and items I've purchased for myself, but tastes change and I find myself no longer getting use out of the vast majority of these pieces. 

Not only are they taking up space unnecessarily, but it seems such a shame to let them go to waste when they could be being enjoyed by somebody else.

But how do you go about selling jewellery online? Is it worth while? Where do you even start with knowing how much to sell for? That's what I set out to discover and today I'm sharing what I've learnt with you.

Is There A Market For Second-Hand Jewellery?

 The short answer to this is - yes! There absolutely is.

In fact there is a lot of demand for second-hand jewellery as not only can it be a more cost effective way of purchasing, but it also offers sustainability - something that is very important to most people now. 
The process of mining gemstones can be a real drain on natural resources and can also have a real human life impact, so by buying second-hand jewellery the demand for new is driven down - which can only be a good thing.

Pre-owned jewellery can also made a wonderful gift - particularly for a wedding, as it can act as the "Something old" element of the Old, New, Borrowed and Blue tradition. There is a great deal of appeal in owning an item steeped in history, too.

How Much To Sell For & Where To Sell?

Knowing the value of your pre-loved jewellery can be the biggest problem for many people, and there are a number of ways you can find this out.

You can take your items to most jewellers for valuation, but this still leaves you with the issue of where to sell it. There are specific websites designed to help you sell your jewellery with minimal fuss such as Jewellery Guru, who will offer appraisal services as well as allowing you to sell your jewellery through their platform - providing you with an extra level of security and reassurance.

Selling online opens you up to a much bigger marketplace of potential buyers, and is therefore more likely to result in a better price than if you were to try and sell in person.

How To Check The Authenticity Of Your Jewellery

There are certain circumstances where you may find yourself unsure of the authenticity of a piece of jewellery, particularly if its one that has been passed down to you or that you purchased second-hand yourself.

There are a few ways that you can check the authenticity of your item at home before proceeding with evaluations and selling.

Check For Stamps - Items from high end brands will often be stamped, and you should be able to see a stamp informing you of the carat value of the piece too.

Magnet test - Conducting a magnet test is a good indication of whether or not you have real gold, as real  gold will not stick to a magnet. A jewellery appraiser will conduct more rigorous tests such as acid testing but a simple magnet test is a good place to start at home.

If you find yourself keen to make a bit of space in your jewellery box and a bit of extra cash in time for Christmas, you may want to consider selling some of your unwanted jewellery - it can be very quick and straightforward when done properly.

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