Monday, 30 November 2020

3 Fun Family Christmas Crafts

Christmas is a time to be together, and whilst this year may look a little different, there are still plenty of fun things families can do together to make sure it’s still magical.

And Christmas crafting is a great way to bring the household together. Kids love making things, of course, and your marvellous creations can double up as household decorations and even gifts – after all, the love and care that goes into a homemade item means more at this time of year than any other.  

Below are just 3 Christmas craft ideas for a variety of uses, but when it comes to festive creations, the only limit is your imagination!  

1. Ornaments

Handmade ornaments and decorations are a warm and comforting touch in any family home and thankfully plenty of Christmas symbols lend themselves to simple crafts.

Create a simple star wall hanging with or minimalist Christmas tree shape with something as simple as wire – Ormiston Wire are a top supplier for just about every imaginable purpose, if you don’t have any lying around. A layer of cotton wool adds a snowed-in effect to any surface for a wintery atmosphere, and empty jam jars can be easily transformed into snow globes with minimal effort.

2. Food

It really is the best bit of Christmas isn’t it? And like anything else, your lovingly homemade snacks are sure to go down a storm with family, friends and of course, your kids!

For a fun and easy option, keep it simple with the classic mince pie. This simple pleasure requires no more than some ready-made pastry (we won’t tell!) and a jar of mincemeat – it’s sure to keep Santa satisfied on Christmas Eve.

If you feel like experimenting with this humble Christmas treat, Santa may also enjoy a mince pie topped with pastry stars, icing, chocolate, salted caramel or even meringue!

3. Gift wrapping

If you’re on ahead of the game with gift-buying this year, but still want to add a bespoke touch, why not get creative with your wrapping?

From Christmas cards to gift tags, there’s are plenty of ways to innovate with your Christmas packaging.

A simple yet traditional present wrapping idea is to stick with plain brown parcel paper, neatly tied up with a bright red or tartan ribbon. For an extra Christmassy touch, stick a candy cane through the bow!

For simple box-shaped gifts, choose red wrapping paper with a black ribbon around the middle, a few gold buttons and a trim of white cotton wool, et voila! your gift now resembles Mr Claus himself!

To capture the kids’ imaginations, stack their gifts in white boxes, each with a black button in the middle, and decorate the top box with snowman features and a hat.

These unique ideas add a personal touch that shows your gifts are wrapped with love.  

We hope these tips have provided some inspiration for your Christmassy creations – have a crafty time trying them for yourself! 

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