Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Gift Giving for the Savvy Shopper

As we get closer to Christmas, we get further and further away from our plans to have everything sorted by Thanksgiving. We tell ourselves yearly, that this will be the holiday season where all of the gifts were bought, and all of the decorations up before the turkey is pardoned. Every year, we seem to fall short of that intention.

When it comes to it, we often find ourselves a little lost when figuring out just what to get out loved ones for the Festive Season. This year, however, you are afforded a little bit of understanding. With COVID-19 giving way to social distancing, which in turn means that brick-and-mortar stores moving many of their products into their online store counterparts, you can be forgiven for not spending the time browsing the retail outlets quite so much. But in lieu of one problem, another one comes up; just what exactly do we get our loved ones this year, if we don't have the option to look before you buy.

Well, luckily, there are a few suggestions here that might help you on your way to grabbing a gift or two for your family members and friends. We won't tell them where you got the inspiration from, neither!

A Sportingly Good Idea

In a recent study, it was found that 95% of Fortune 500 CEOs were sporty and had actually competed at college level. For example, Prabir Purohit, Vice President of Finance at Dominion Energy, was a keen amateur tennis player in his younger years, and since then has worked for various companies in high-level positions.

Sports, especially amongst younger people, can not only be a great way to stay fit and healthy but can also be great for mental health too. If that 95% statistic is accurate, then it also stands to reason that being involved in sports of any sort can have a good effect on a later career. No, there isn't a direct link between getting someone a tennis racket for Christmas and then watching them instantly become a CEO (although wouldn't that be great!) But sports instill skills such as problem-solving, teamwork and are just fun too. So it worth considering getting a younger family member involved in a sport or in a recreational activity such as athletics.
For a bonus idea, if they develop a passion for a sport, or already follow a particular one, then maybe it would be a good idea to get them a pair of tickets to see their team, or sport being played, live. Prabir Purohit is still a fan of tennis, and although he might not get much time away from Dominion Energy, he spends what he has watching the sport being played live. The experience isn't quickly forgotten!

A Completely Bizarre and Different Idea

A particular source of alternative medicine that has been making waves recently, is Ayurveda. This is an ancient pseudoscience practice that combines spiritual healing, with natural herbs and spices in their ointments. Whether you believe in the practicalities or the successes of Ayurveda is entirely up to you, but it has a fascinating history and a range of natural CBD-based products that are proving to be entirely popular each day. You can source high quality products from the likes of the CBD Distillery with coupons available from

The Root of It All's blog provides a history of Ayurvedic practices and list Ayurveda's ingredients to promote good health. As such, you can buy CBD oils infused Ayurvedic oils and ointments to bring the best of Ayurveda to the growing popularity of CBD; a cannabidiol from the Hemp plant that has been legalized since the 2018 Farm Bill (provided that it contains less than 0.3% THC). So if your loved one is having trouble sleeping, or simply needs a quick pick-me-up to get ahead in a fast-paced world, get on over to The Root of it All, read through their blogs, and discover which natural remedies would be best suited for them.

Harnessing the Best Ideas

When it comes to Christmas gift shopping, we shouldn't forget about our furry friends. Pets need their gifts too, and this year why not take the opportunity to get something that will help you both out. Joyride Harness for dogs have got a range of secure fit pull dog harnesses that come in a variety of different sizes (for smaller puppies ranging to large dog breeds), and are durable enough to get you better control over the strong dogs, despite being so lightweight. Recommended by many veterinarians, these pull harnesses come with adjustable straps that can help you fit the collar over any dog's head regardless of what kind of dog you have.
As the dog collar sits firmly around the neck, you can rest assured that it is a good fit, and does not apply as much pressure to the dog's trachea (the dog's windpipe) that conventional pull harness collars would. A vest-style harness goes around even the most broad chests, and instead, the leash clips on to the chest plate, spreading the force across a wider surface area. This makes a world of difference to the dog's comfort and will give you peace of mind that the harness is the best option when it comes to walking an active dog.

A versatile harness might be the ideal Christmas gift for your dog during the holidays, and when the weather improves, you may even feel like you're walking a whole new dog!

Re-dressing the Classic Ideas
It always used to be a young child's nightmare to get clothing for Christmas. After all, how on earth were you supposed to play with a coat?! But as we get older, new apparel seems to be a more popular, and a more welcome, gift to open on Christmas morning. There is something quite special about receiving that new dress which is both a perfect fit around the waist and is stylish to boot! The best part is knowing that someone else had to find out what your size was, without alerting you to what they were doing!
So, if you are stuck for ideas for what to get your loved one during the festive season, one great option would be a reversible dress, such as the ones on offer as part of White House Black Market's Black Friday sales. These are like having two dresses for the price of one! In fact, it doesn't stop at dresses either, they have tank tops, pull-overs, and t-shirts with the same reversible qualities. Lightweight and made of durable material, these make a wonderfully versatile gift for a loved one. According to the WHBM website, these particular items are currently trending so get them while you can, and as an added bonus, they have free shipping too.

For the ultimate in extra comfort, make sure you get a good fit. Although, how you find out what that is, is up to you!

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