Thursday, 5 November 2020

How to ensure Christmas runs smoothly this year

Yes, it’s that time of year again - whether you like it or not, Christmas is coming! So, it’s time to start thinking about presents, a tree, food, decorations, family… the list is endless. You need to prepare! Here we have compiled a list of things to consider to ensure that Christmas runs smoothly this year...


Get your boiler checked

Christmas is in December. December is cold. You need to have adequate heating in your home to make sure your day is not ruined. You should get your boiler checked annually or as soon as you start to experience any issues - you may even need to get a new boiler installed if problems persist (click the link for more information on costs). Heating is essential over the autumn and winter months, as you don’t want to be uncomfortable or to fall unwell due to the plummeting temperatures.


Sort out your presents now

Figure out who you are buying for and what your budget is. See if you can subtly find out what they want and then go from there. Write a list of ideas and then research to see if there are any deals or special offers on (take advantage of Black Friday). By doing all this in advance, you are saving yourself a whole load of stress over the weeks leading up to the 25th. You will feel a real sense of relief, especially if you have to send gifts via the post - you don’t want anything ending up lost or delayed, so it is always best to get these sent as early as possible in December, to be placed under the tree ready for the big day.


Have a plan

How many people are going to be under one roof? Are you going to schedule a video call with loved ones who you couldn’t be with? What time are you going to eat? All of this and more needs to be considered and if you’re juggling a household full of kids, it’s easier said than done. By having a vague idea of timings, you will know when you should get up, have opened your presents by, and when to start cooking etc. Of course, it doesn’t have to be strict but if you have a loose idea then you should be able to factor everything in and the day should run a lot more smoothly.


Get creative for the kids

If you’re planning on having “Father Christmas” send a letter to your kids, or even to visit for some mince pies (and a carrot for Rudolph) then don’t forget to get everything you need for this before it’s too late. Whether you want to go all out and have a relative come over dressed up bellowing “ho, ho, ho!” or you just plan on leaving some muddy footprints in the kitchen along with a personalised note to create a magical experience for your little ones, make sure you get this sorted before it gets lost within all your other tasks. Although it takes little effort, this can really make the day special for your children.


Book in advance

If you are going away or you’re having your Christmas dinner in a restaurant you almost certainly have to book as soon as possible. Especially if it is a popular place, as people will arrange this well in advance.

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