Wednesday, 18 November 2020

The Childrens Gift Guide 2020

With Christmas just around after what can only be described as a very strange year, I wanted to bring some normality back to my blog content by sharing my usual Christmas Gift Guide.

I've pulled together a variety of bits and pieces to help give some inspiration for those difficult-to-buy-for nieces and nephews, I hope you find something you like!

If, like me, you have a little one at home who is a fan of both make-up and Disney's Frozen then you will no doubt be delighted to see this collection of beautiful cosmetic gifts made especially for little ones.

There is a whole range to choose from, including a pretty backpack filled with lip glosses which can then be used as a school or swim kit bag...a fold-out make up case, and even a little lip gloss tin which could go on to be used as a pencil case.

These products are available from Amazon and Primark.

A good quality stunt scooter has been top of my kids wishlist for a while now and with most places closed for the foreseeable future, days out at the skate park will at least keep them active and entertained. I love the look of the this particular stunt scooter which is a bargain at under £70!

Games are always a firm favourite in my house and my 7 year old son has been asking for Break The Board ever since seeing it advertised on TV.

We were fortunate enough to get the chance to try it out recently, and we were not disappointed!

What I like most about Break The Board is that it has 3 different modes of play including practice mode, competition mode (which enables you to play with another person) or master mode which enables you to attempt to improve upon your own high score.

It's a game of concentration as it instructs you on where to hit or tap the board each time, speeding up as it goes before culminating in breaking the board.

My son loves this and it's a great one for keeping him busy on his own, so would be ideally suited to children without siblings too.

Another toy we've tested out is Curligirls - a range of dolls with hair that you can curl and style with a simple tug! The dolls hair can then be dipped in water to straighten it, and each doll comes with hair accessories too.

Noa has really enjoyed playing with the Curligirls, we highly recommend these for little fashionistas in the making.

Another favourite from our toy testing has been Robo Kombat Balloon Punchers - I have to admit that when we first looked at this game, none of my children were all that excited by it. None of them are particularly big robot fans and so it just didn't pique their interest.

But to all of surprise, it actually ended up being the toy they most enjoyed!

The set contains two remote-controlled robots and a pack of different coloured balloons. You attach a balloon to each robot which becomes its head, and then you go to battle with each other!

The first robot to pop the other robots balloon head is the winner... it's so simple but so fun! We spent ages taking it in turns to battle against each other and honestly, its the most we've all laughed together in ages! It was so much fun....a great rainy afternoon family activity and would also be lots of fun at family gatherings too! Highly recommend. Infact I love it so much I'm thinking of buying it for my nephew for Christmas.

I always remember one of my favourite things about Christmas as a child being new annuals, and so I like to always get one for my own children.

There are some great annuals available from Little Brother Books this year - they include stories, quizzes, facts and so much more.

Our favourites are the Barbie 2021 annual for its inclusive content, the WWE and Roblox annuals for fun quizzes and activities, and National Geographics Dinosaur Annual for its range of facts and information.

Available from and all good retailers.

And finally, can you ever really go wrong with the gift of sweets?!

Haribo have put together a very festive and yummy looking selection of some of their classic products and some special edition festive favourites such as Haribo Christmas Trees in a lovely Haribo Hamper which would be sure to go down a treat with any child (or indeed, adult!) this Christmas.

Available from all good retailers.

I hope this gift guide has been useful and that you have a wonderful festive season!

Happy Holidays!


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