Monday, 30 November 2020

Top Christmas Gift Ideas For Boys

Is it just me, or does anyone else see December 1st as the Ultimate cut off date for buying Christmas presents?

I don't know how all the last-minute shoppers do it, the pressure is too overwhelming for me if everything isn't sorted out before December!

I usually start my Christmas shopping in August, and slowly work through my list over 4 months to give myself plenty of time to shop around but inevitably there's always one person left to buy for at the last minute and this year that person was my nephew.

You might think that I'd find him easy to buy for as he's the same age as my eldest son but their interests really couldn't be more different!

While browsing for some gift ideas last night I came across some decent bargains so I thought I'd share some inspiration.

This remote control car from SGILE looks like the stuff of dreams for any 7 year old boy! It's remote controlled and can perform tricks such as flipping and 360 degree spins. It can handle most terrains, and looks like it would provide hours of fun! It's also reduced right now from £21 to just £14.42 with Prime delivery - take a look HERE

If cars are what you're after, you can't go wrong with this remote controlled truck which features up to 50 minutes continuous play time and reaches speeds of 18 km per hour. It also allows for team play making it a great option for sibling gifting too.
Currently reduced from £29.99 to £23.99 - you can find it HERE

If your kids are anything like mine, then chances are that they love the idea of owning their own robot! I think most children would find this a really cool idea, and this one is a great option - it's remote controlled, can sing and dance, and is able to follow up to 50 commands. It's charged via a handy USB cable too. And the best part is that its currently on sale with £10 off the usual price, making it under £20 - find out more HERE

On the subject of robots, what could possibly be cooler than your very own robot dinosaur?! This guy is able to follow commands, dance and can even fight!! He responds to being petted on his head too, a feature that I think children would love. Available HERE

And about combining a high tech robot with the cute factor of a puppy?! A surefire winner in any childs book! My own son is desperate for a pet dog this Christmas which unfortunately just isn't going to perhaps this adorable little guy will make it up to him?! He walks, barks and even dances. Find out more HERE

I hope you've found these suggestions helpful and that you're able to get your shopping finished soon! With my nephews present finally sorted, I can officially declare myself done...and just in time for December!!

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