Wednesday, 27 January 2021

3 Dream Destinations For Foodies

With the UK currently on lockdown, I'm sure I'm not the only one spending my time daydreaming about all of the places I want to visit when the world returns to some sort of normality again.

I can't even begin to explain how much I miss the evenings spent, planner in hand, pouring over travel websites and jotting out a holiday itinerary. The excited chaos of packing for a trip, the nervous drive to the airport and that blast of warm air as you step outside of the plane door.

I've always been the wanderlust type and my list of bucket list destinations has only grown over the last year since our lives were put on hold. 

One thing I love most about travelling is the opportunity to experience different cultures and cuisines - so with that in mind, I've put together a list of inspiration for foodies showcasing some of the best destinations for culinary delights.


Greek tavernas are filled with a plethora of fresh, local produce including Mediterranean fish and sea food, rabbit, delicious cheeses, the freshest vegetables and of course all of its traditional offerings such as olives, Mousakka and souvlaki.

The Greek islands are a real treat for foodie travellers, which each offering their own specialities.

Highlights include bougatsa - a delicious flaky pastry with a semolina filling, usually found at breakfast and a speciality of Crete.  Kaltsounia, a sweet cheese pie, is another Cretan dish not to miss.

It's not just the islands though, the capital city of Athens is also a delight for the senses  - a foodie walking tour will really help you to get a true understanding of what the Greeks eat at home, as you breathe in the spiced aroma of the markets and take the opportunity to try locally produced honeys, marmalades, olive oils, freshly baked breads and fresh Greek coffee. An experience not to be missed.


India is a country that has a lot to offer when it comes to culinary experiences, but the problem you'll have is deciding on which region to visit - as the food on offer can differ greatly from one area to the next.
Generally considered one of the best bets is Kolkata - this metropolitan city offers a selection of every type of cuisine in India at affordable prices.
There are numerous dining experiences on offer here - from traditional restaurants to Anglo-Indian establishments, and of course - then there's the street food.

The roadside traders here are subject to the Indian Food Standards guidelines, but if you're unsure then you can take a tour with a guide who will be able to help you make informed choices on your snacks - the highlights on offer include mutton rolls, misti-doi (sweet curds) and the most well-known of Indian snacks - samosas! 

If a visit to India is on your bucketlist, then bag yourself an air india express ticket as soon as its safe to travel again and you'll be sure to have the foodie experience of dreams.


Truly the destination on every true Foodie bucket list, Japan has so much to offer when it comes to variety.

Sushi and miso soup are the first culinary delights that spring to mind, and while Tokyo certainly has plenty of world-class restaurants on offer that will scratch those itches - there is so much more to try.

Monjayaki is a delicacy you may not be familiar with but it's so popular in Tokyo that they even have a street named after it - this runny pancake is a street food speciality, and is usually filled with fish or meat.

Takoyaki is another option to consider if you want something truly different - this fried dough ball stuffed with octopus might sound bizarre, but many people insist that it's truly delicious. Will you be brave enough to try it?!

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