Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Easter Treats

With Easter just around the corner, I'm noticing lots of people on social media turning their attention to getting prepared for the occasion but I have to admit - Easter is the one big event of the year that I find it really difficult to get excited about. 

No doubt this is largely because I have two children whose birthdays often fall right around Easter time - this year Easter Sunday falls the day after my middle childs birthday, and 4 days after my eldest sons - so you can imagine how busy a week that's going to be in this house!

I don't want to let it slide completely though as my kids really do love all things Easter related - they're already excitedly chatting about the Easter bunny and talking about what they'd like to wear! 

My plans are going to be pretty simple - a nice roast dinner at home, an Easter egg hunt  in the garden weather permitting - but one thing I've done since they were babies which has become a tradition for us is to give them a giant surprise egg each.

It's something I started in lieu of the traditional Easter baskets and we think it's much more fun - they each have their own giant egg which I fill with Easter goodies. Usually a chocolate egg, a small gift, a cuddly bunny or lamb and some sweet treats.

This year it's difficult to get to the shops to browse for Easter treats like I usually do, so I've been looking for some ideas online instead and I came across Pantry House which has been a great find!

Pantry House fine foods are a fantastic option for anyone who's looking for Easter gifts and products that are a little bit special and unusual this year, as they deliver straight to your door and have a really beautiful range of products on offer.

We were given the chance to try some out, and I was really impressed. The Ananda's Easter Marshmallow Selection box was my personal favourite - I'm not a big fan of lots of chocolate and much prefer a really good marshmallow so this was ideal for me, it contains 4 bags of quality marshmallows which are both Vegan and gluten free - the range of flavours included Salted Caramel and lemon & lime, and all were absolutely delicious. I really loved the Easter themed packaging too, it would make  for a perfect gift!

I also loved the Hot Chocolate Gift Box which was also from the Ananda's brand - its the perfect size to include in an Easter gift basket, and is also Vegan friendly. 

We were also sent some of the Mrs Dartingtons Country Jam too which was not only delicious but beautifully packaged, and would make a lovely addition to an Easter themed afternoon tea with fresh scones and cream.

If you're looking for something a little different this Easter and you don't fancy masking up for a visit to the shops, I highly recommend taking a look at the lovely range of Easter chocolates from Pantry House as well as the rest of their range of high quality fine foods.

You can find out more at https://www.pantryhouse.co.uk/

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