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Home Maintenance Checklist – How to Keep the House in Perfect Condition

Most people think keeping the house in perfect condition is all about tidying, dusting, and cleaning. Whereas these aspects are significant in making the home attractive and lovely, they only take a fraction of the whole picture.

So, you want to have the ideal home – nice, attractive, and well-maintained providing a comfortable environment for working from home -  then you can't run away from regular home maintenance and DIY skills such as how to unblock a drain or how to unlock a sink.

Regular and effective maintenance is a significant element in keeping your home safe,  healthy, and in perfect working condition.

If you still dont know how to keep your house in perfect condition, this guide is for you. It contains tips to help you keep the house well maintained!

6 Tips for Keeping Your Home in Perfect Condition

  1. Observe Your Home

Observing the home is not the same as analyzing or figuring out the way forward. Observation offers you the opportunity to identify problems in your house so you can devise better methods to address them.

So, where should your focus be when observing?

Observe the structures, systems, and appliances in your home. This process should help you establish devices, structures, and systems that are not working correctly so you can have them repaired immediately.

  1. Protect Your Home

Keeping your home secure is one of the crucial ways to ensure that it remains in proper condition. Incorporate several protective maintenance measures in your home to enhance safety within.

Some of the significant issues you should consider include:

  • Take an insurance cover to restore your financial position in case of an event.
  • Consider repainting the exterior woodwork to prevent it from rotting
  •  Perform regular gas checks to ensure that they are not only working correctly but are also safe
  • Enhance ventilation in your home
  1. Dust Control

Dust in your house is a significant health hazard. Usually, dust contains numerous unhealthy substances such as dust mites' skeletons and feces that can lead to allergies or aggravated asthma. Dust can also contain harmful chemicals like pesticides, so you should control dust from your home to avoid it becoming a health problem.

During the dusting process, it would help if you use a damp piece of cloth. That way, it will be easy to eliminate all the dust from various surfaces. Routinely wash your carpets and throw mats to keep dust away from your house.

  1. Vacuum the Floors Regularly

Create a simple vacuuming schedule for your house – mostly twice every week is a crucial step in ensuring that the house is clean. Use the vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter because it is considered quite effective on floors and carpets. Vacuuming the floor often helps remove unhealthy particles such as dirt, fur, pet dander, dust, and other contaminants from your house. 

Ensure that you vacuum the entire house. In most cases, the furniture areas get neglected despite hosting most of these harmful particles and contaminants. Another way to minimize dust from your home is to always leave shoes outside when entering the house.

  1. Ensure Your Appliances are Properly Working

Are all your appliances in perfect working condition? Have a schedule for inspecting your home appliances from air filters, water heaters, fridge to air conditioners. Such an approach ensures that you can identify systems that are not working and have them repaired before it is too late. If you find that the inspection process is time-consuming, you may opt to engage a professional to do it for you.

  1. Check the Interiors and Exteriors

An appealing house should have a perfect balance between its interiors and exteriors. Chipped paints, broken window glasses, missing roof shingles, and missing bulbs are all signs that your home needs significant repair and maintenance. Create a plan to renovate your house to upgrade its interiors and exteriors.

Final Thoughts

House maintenance is an involving task, and as such, you cannot achieve a perfect house with a one-off maintenance exercise. You should set and follow a schedule that targets improving different areas of your home!

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