Wednesday, 3 February 2021

My Top 5 Plus Size Clothing Sites

As a plus size fashion-conscious woman, I have spent a fair bit of time browsing through online retailers over the years and narrowing down the best stores available.

When it comes to online shopping, you want somewhere that offers plenty of choice, good prices, reasonable shipping costs and easy returns - because lets face it, buying clothes online can be very hit or miss.

Today I'm going to share with you my favourite online retailers and why I rate them.


Offering a range of styles to suit every possible taste and budget, ASOS is always top of my list - no matter whether I'm looking for casual round-the-house lounge wear, high end designer shoes or even fancy formal wear - they really do have everything you could possibly need in one place.

Their shipping isn't the fastest in my experience, but they do offer lower-cost shopping subcriptions for regular customers and their return service is pretty straight forward to.

Collectif Clothing

A more recent find for me, Collectif Clothing sell a brilliant range of dresses, skirts, tops and accessories for those with a more unusual taste. 

Most of their range could best be described as rockabilly/alternative style with lots of 50s style swing skirts and wiggle dresses, in some really funky and unusual patterns. I particularly love their collaborative ranges with ModCloth - some of my favourite dresses have come from this range and although they can certainly be on the pricey side, they are unusual enough and high enough quality to be totally worth the splurge.

Yours Clothing

The main reason I love Yours Clothing is for their regular sales, you really can bag an absolute bargain with Yours fairly often and their products are always really cute too.

They run regular collaboration ranges with some of my favourite plus-size Instagram fashionistas such as JessOnThePlusSize, and their range of coats is particularly good too.


I often find that lists of plus size shops leave out the men, but plus size fellas need somewhere to shop too! Suitsmen offers a wide range of stylish suits for the dapper gents out there including tailored suits, dinner jackets and morning suits, with over 40 styles available in a range of colours and fabrics in chest size 54 inches and above.

There's even a range of over 20 suits available in the chest size 60 inch plus range, offering an unrivalled selection for larger men.

They also offer a fantastic freepost returns and exchange service too, making it all the easier to shop with them. 

Simply Be

Usually my go-to shop for fashion, what I love most about Simply Be is their fantastically easy returns service. You just package up your returns, click a few buttons on the app and then leave the parcel on your doorstep to be collected - it couldn't be easier!

I also love the wide range of cute dresses and the fact that, for some reason, they seem to be a bit of a hidden gem among plus size stores so I don't often see other people wearing their clothes - always a plus!

What are your favourite plus-size fashion offerings online? I'm always looking for new stores to try!

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