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Getting Started With The Law Of Attraction In 5 Easy Steps

When you hear people talk about how they're "manifesting" their dreams and goals...what's your first thought? That it's all a load of nonsense? That they're a bit quirky? That they're just super priveleged lucky people?!

I wouldn't judge you for having any of those thoughts. Infact they're thoughts I've had myself in the past.

But over the past 10 years or so, I've experienced the power of the law of attraction for myself...and well, in the words of The Monkees, now I'm a believer!!

Some of the things I've manifested have included...holidays, specific amounts of money, job opportunities, even my partner. 

But what exactly is the law of attraction and how do you get started as a total beginner?!

The Law Of Attraction is a practice that first came to the attention of the average Joe back in 2006 when Rhonda Byrne released her international best selling book on the subject, The Secret.

The Secret has enjoyed years of continued success, infact last year saw the release of a feature film based around the concepts discussed within the book - The Secret: Dare To Dream starring Katie Holmes.
But despite its continued popularity, many modern women in my own life have struggled to get on board with The Secret and I can understand why. Although the practises and explanations given in the book are both powerful and life-changing for many, the tone and themes can seem a little too "out there" and difficult to apply in modern life.

It can unintentionally give the impression that the Law of Attraction, or Cosmic Ordering as it's also known, is something that involves a lot of work and effort, unwavering positivity - that it's something that takes a lot of focus, something that's difficult, something that the average person who's busy with working, parenting and all of the every day stresses and strains of life could never find the time for.

Well I'm here to reassure you that is not the case.

The law of attraction can be used by any person, even one with very little time to dedicate to it.

I have been using the law of attraction for over a decade now, and have successfully manifested many things into my life including money, relationships, job opportunities...even visits to particular hotels and holiday destinations.

When I first started learning about and using the law of attraction I was in an unhappy relationship, working 40 hours a week in an office job for minimum wage, I had zero savings, and I rarely went away on holiday because I couldn't afford it and also because I  had little excitement or enthusiasm for life at that time - holidays didn't excite me because to be honest nothing excited me. I wasn't really living - I was just existing.

Now? I'm working for myself, running a flexible business from home which brings in 4 x as much pay as I was earning in that job, working around 15 hours per week. I have more money in my savings account than I EVER thought it would be possible for a working class woman like me to have, and I go  on holiday (in non-pandemic times!) 2 or 3 times every year at least. I LOVE to travel, and I love my life.

I'm not sharing this because I want to brag or make anybody jealous, quite the opposite - I'm sharing this because I want every person to realise the power of the law of attraction, and that they too can use it to change their lives.

If you'd like to read a little more about my personal experiences with cosmic ordering over the years then be sure to read my previous posts under the "Spirituality" category from the drop down menu on my blog.

For today, I want to share with you 5 quick and easy ways to start using the law of attraction right now!

1) Start Small

The thing that most people struggle with when it comes to the law of attraction is belief.

We're taught in life that nothing comes easily - that success is hard, that it takes years of hard work and struggle to be successful and earn lots of money, that we're not naturally lucky, that happiness is hard to find.

These are all limiting beliefs and so many of us subscribe to them without even realising. The biggest hurdle that people face when starting to do this sort of work, is overcoming those beliefs and rewriting the script.

How often have you heard phrases like "Money doesn't grow on trees" or "Success doesn't come over night"? 

You have to start challenging these limiting beliefs when they come up. Literally turn them on their heads - if your mind tells you "Money doesn't grow on trees!", argue against that! Tell yourself "Well actually, paper money does! Money is everywhere, it's limitless, it flows around me constantly."

At first, you may find it difficult to truly believe what you're telling yourself but we have to start somewhere.

Once you've started to challenge your limiting beliefs, then it's time to prove to yourself that the law of attraction works. And the best way to do this, is to start small.

Decide on something random that you want the universe to bring to you. It doesn't matter what it is - it might be that you want to see a zebra, or you want to see a purple butterfly.

I started with a pink hippo!

Once you've decided on your super random request, put the intention out into the universe - this means you need to ask the universe to deliver this to you.

Literally say out loud "Universe, send me a pink hippo".

One tip I picked up early on is to treat your cosmic orders much like you'd treat an Amazon order. Once you've placed your Amazon order, you don't keep placing it to make sure the order went through, do you?! You don't keep checking the status of it. You simply place your order and then you go on with your life until it arrives.

You should treat cosmic ordering the same way. Place your order, then go on with your life. 
But be on the look out - because your order could show up at any time, in any place.

My pink hippo? Came to me by way of an advert on the side of a bus, the day after I'd ordered it. 

I've used this technique numerous times since, whenever I've started to doubt myself or felt unsure - and every single random cosmic order I've ever made has been delivered.

2) Visualise & Feel The Energy

One of the most important aspects of cosmic ordering, is getting in to the right energetic zone. You attract what you put out, so you want to make sure that you're putting out good vibes - high energy, excitement, all of the positive stuff! Now that doesn't mean that you can never allow negativity into your life because that's just not realistic - but it does mean that when we CAN focus on the positive, we should do so as much as possible.

One technique that I find really helpful with this is visualising. So whatever it is that I've asked the universe to deliver to me, I'll spend just a minute or two sitting and visualising that thing coming to me.

For example, if I've asked the universe to deliver a £5,000 pay month to me - I'll visualise myself logging on to my bank account and seeing that amount there. I'll let myself step in to that energy - feel that excitement bubble over me as I think about all of the great things I'll be able to do with that money.

There are numerous ways you can promote positive visualisation - I love to print myself blank cheques with the amount of money I'm manifesting written out to me. I place these in my office space, where I can see them every day - and I let myself feel the excitement because I know that pay cheque is on its way to me.

If you think this sounds a bit "out there", let me tell you something - BeyoncĂ© once said in an interview years ago that she keeps a picture of an Academy Award in front of her treadmill and she focuses on it whenever she works out. If it's good enough for BeyoncĂ©, right?!

Some other ways you can help yourself with visualisation are to create a screensaver for your phone, a sort of virtual vision board full of the things you want to attract in to your life - these can be specific items or just images that evoke the sort of feeling you want to get from your life.

You can do the same with a background for your laptop or computer too - seeing these images every day really helps to evoke the feelings of happiness and excitement that we want more of and, in turn, helps us to manifest these things in to our reality!

3) Have An Attitude Of Gratitude

Gratitude is, without doubt, the most important factor when it comes to Law of attraction work. When we practise gratitude for what we do have in life, it puts us in a higher vibrational state and this is exactly where we need to be in order to attract good things to us.

A quick and easy way to incorporate gratitude practise into your daily routine is to keep a notebook by your bed, and every night before you go to sleep - jot down a couple of things from your day that you're grateful for.
It could be as simple as being grateful for clean running water, or as extravagant as you want to make it  - the important thing is to step into that feeling of gratitude as often as we can.

4) Ask For What You Want 

The most important thing when letting the universe know what you want is to be specific! It's no good just saying "I want to earn more money this year"...more money than what?!

The universe could deliver you an extra penny on top of last years income and your request would have been granted! 

Be specific with what you want. If you want more money, specify how much. If you want to manifest a new relationship, get specific about the qualities and attributes you want your future partner to have.

I have a story to share about a time that I was NOT specific with my order, to help demonstrate my point. A few months back, I decided I wanted to manifest £2,200 into my bank account that month. So I placed my order with the universe, using those words.

A couple of weeks later, I received a strange email informing me that a company had paid me in error - in the amount of £2,200! I thought it was a scam email at first but I checked my account and sure enough, there was the £2,200. 

The universe had delivered exactly what I had asked for - £2,200 into my bank account! The only problem was...I hadn't specified that I wanted the money to be mine to keep. Whoops!

So of course I had to pay it back...but I can't argue that the universe didn't deliver exactly what I'd asked for! So lesson learnt! Next time I will be more specific.

The only thing I'd advise against would be putting any time limit on things - purely because if your "deadline" passes and the universe has yet to deliver, than it can lower your vibrational state and you'll start to tell yourself its not going to happen - so guess what?!  it won't! 

Remember the saying "Your thoughts create your reality"...if you tell yourself that something isn't going to work, then it probably won't.

5) Act As Though It's Already Happened

This is a technique that I always find really useful. For me, it's all about the language I use. When I'm talking about something that I've asked the universe for, I never say "If this happens"'s always "When this happens". It helps to reaffirm my trust and belief in the universe.

I start to plan around the delivery of the thing I've ordered too. My best example of this is a couple of years ago when I asked the universe to deliver me a free-of-charge hotel stay to a specific hotel in Cornwall. I was going to a concert there and needed a place to got to a few days before the concert, the universe hadn't yet delivered my free stay and my partner was asking me whether we ought to book a hotel.

I told him our stay was already sorted out, that we were staying at THAT hotel. I didn't make any back up plans. I held my nerve and I kept on thinking about how excited I was for our stay there, really feeling the energy.

Now before you assume that I emailed this hotel about a free stay, I assure you - I did not! But two days before, I received an email from a third party booking platform asking if I'd like to try out their services for review on my blog. I told them I needed a hotel in Cornwall that weekend, I didn't specify any particular hotel or area - and guess what? They offered me the very hotel I'd asked the universe to deliver to me.

We went and had a wonderful stay, free of charge, just like I planned. I truly believe that acting like it had already been confirmed is what swung that for me!

So there we have it! Of course there's plenty of other tips to be shared and advice to be given, and there are many law of attraction coaches and authors out there sharing lots of information on the subject but these tips right here are the core of it all. 

Even if you never read another thing about it, using these tips alone with enable you to harness the power of the law of attraction to manifest your dreams and desires into reality.

The only limit you have is your own belief - so what are you waiting for?! 

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