Monday, 26 April 2021

Why do Australians love a retractable louvered pergola?

I’ve always wanted to move to Australia – what is there not to love? Fresh air, lovely weather, great quality of life, friendly people and all kinds of pests… oh yes, that’s what I don’t like about Australia. All the snakes, rats, spiders and other unwanted bugs and animals that make their way into your home... Not for me!

 However, take the bugs out and I’m in! Let’s squish the bug talk (pun definitely intended) and let’s talk about pergolas! The one thing that Australians have been adding to their gardens which I completely fell in love with is a retractable louvered pergola. You might be thinking that pergolas are stunning yet useless for the British weather, so why would I be in love with them?  

 Traditional pergolas are not great for British homes, but these modern pergolas definitely are! Retractable roofs in Sydney by Designer Shade Solutions are the perfect addition to any outdoor space, whether it is a home or a commercial space, retractable roof pergolas will guarantee that you can use your outdoor space all year round – would you like to do that? I know I would.


As Janine Huldie explains, “these pergolas provide a way to enjoy your garden all year round, and when attached to your home, provide a seamless transition from indoor living to outdoor living. Plus, are elegant and will look incredible in any garden!” Imagine having an outdoor retreat in your garden that offered the comfort of an indoor space but still allowed you to experience the outdoors – that’s what a retractable louvered pergola can do.


It’s no surprise that outdoor rooms are one of the biggest trends for Australian homes, as this article on Homes to Love mentions. Having an outdoor space that can be enjoyed with the comforts of an indoor space creates an “all-purpose space that is essentially an extension of the indoors, including an outdoor kitchen and lounge area, is one of the best investments you can make.”


If you are searching for something to make your garden stand out, these modern pergolas are a must. As Luxirare mentions, “these retractable roofs can be installed in the middle of your garden as a fabulous centrepiece.” These can create the perfect entertainment and dining space to enjoy no matter the weather.


What do you think of these retractable louvered pergolas?




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