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How to make a serious injury claim

A serious injury can have life-changing consequences – and not just for the person who has been hurt but their loved-ones too. Its impact is often catastrophic and long-term, as well as emotionally and financially draining. Trying to get back to some semblance of normality requires a lot of time and support, and that can be a costly process.


What can help is knowing that victims of serious injury have rights and that the law can help.


 What is a serious injury?


There is no exact definition of the term ‘serious injury’ but usually it results in at least some of the following for the person who has been hurt:

·         A lengthy hospital stay;

·         Long-lasting pain and discomfort;

·         An impact on their ability to work;

·         A change in their level of independence;

·         Death - either immediately or later, as a result of the accident.


What are the most common types of serious injury?


All sorts of accidents can cause a serious injury and the types of injury are also wide ranging. The most common serious injuries are:

·         Brain injury;

·         Paralysis;

·         Amputation;

·         Burns;

·         Broken bones;

·         Blindness or other sensory loss.


 What should someone do if they have, or their loved one has, suffered a serious injury?


In less severe personal injury claims we advise victims to speak with any witnesses and report the incident, however, in serious injury cases this is rarely possible, as the victim will likely need urgent medical care.


It is vital that the injured person – or a loved one, if their condition is very bad or they will take a long time to recover – contacts a legal specialist as soon as they can. The legal team can help to trace any witnesses, organise independent medical reports and signpost the family to support services while assisting them with any legal claims.


How much does a claim cost?


Many lawyers advise a ‘no win no fee’ arrangement, which means that, if you are unsuccessful in your claim, you won’t have to pay the lawyer. Thompsons Solicitors offers this solution for many clients so that they have financial peace of mind and can work with the team without worrying about money. If you’re a union member, you can access bespoke packages of specialist legal services from Thompsons Solicitors to support you with independent advice and representation.


 How long can a claim take?


Every claim is different and as a rule the more serious the injury the longer the process can take. What’s important is trust so that the claimant has confidence in the process and is certain that their legal specialist is committed to advancing their case in a timely way. The quickest cases can take a few months – more complex ones may take more than a year.


How much compensation could I get?


This depends on the severity of injuries and the impact they have on the life of the claimant. It’s important to work with a team, like those at Thompsons, who are specialists in the field and understand the level of damages you are entitled to – and don’t settle for anything less. Thompsons has experience in securing tens of millions of pounds in compensation for those who have suffered catastrophic and life-changing serious injuries.


What other support might I get?


If you choose an experienced team, such as those at Thompsons, they will be able to help you beyond just making a claim – for example, signposting you and your family to support services for home adaptations or claiming benefits.


Why choose Thompsons Solicitors?


For more than 100 years, Thompsons has only ever acted for the victims of serious injury, never for insurers or employers. That means they are totally committed to you and have no conflicts of interest. Contact them today to find out more. Call 0800 224 224 or visit

About the author:

Thompsons Solicitors has been established for 100 years and supported hundreds of individuals and families through serious injury claims. You can contact Thompsons’ specialist team for free on 0800 0 224 224, request a call back here or visit the Thompsons website for more information.

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