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Everything You Need To Know About Reusable Pads

Many of us will have thought at least once about changing over to reusable sanitary pads, but what is holding you back?

Reusable pads not only help protect our earth, but offer elevated comfort too.

However, it is understandable how people have questions they need the answers to before making the change. In this article, Cheeky Wipes have the all important answers you need to make the change possible.

Let’s take a look.


Here at Cheeky Wipes, we offer both cotton and bamboo pad options.

When looking at bamboo materials, they are especially ideal as they provide all important absorption.

If you feel nervous to begin with about how they will work, especially if you are out and about, then considering bamboo pads are a must, as they will help reduce the stress you have around absorption, whilst you adapt to the change.

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With cotton, it also provides good quality absorption, but cotton especially provides softness and comfort. During every period, being as comfortable as possible is important, and cotton pads provide the comfort you require to help you through the cycle.

Disposable pads can cause discomfort for a lot of people, so changing over to reusable alternatives can help reduce that feeling. Plus, when looking at sizing, reusable pads are around the same size as disposable types, and are complete with similar style wings that come complete with poppers, so they are simple to put on and won’t move around.

They Offer Even More

Leaking is a common occurrence for many, so don't feel you just need to use your reusable pads for your periods.

Reusable sanitary pads also work hand in hand for leak protection and are a much more comfortable alternative, compared to disposable types.

Reusable incontinence period pads offer a much thinner, cooler material, and especially with cotton options, they ensure to stay in place and offer the comfort you require.

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We recommend that you wash your reusable sanitary pads in a cooler or cold wash, at around 30 degrees or lower. When you place them in the wash, it is a good idea to place them on a

decently long wash cycle using the stain remover you would typically use, combined with washing powder.

It is also best to air dry your reusable sanitary pads and to not tumble dry them. They can either be dried in your home, on the radiator for example. But using the world's natural sun rays ensures they will dry quickly and reduce your electricity usage!

In terms of pre-washing, you can either wash them within 24 hours of use, or you can cold soak them for a couple of days if this is an easier solution, before placing them in the washing machine.

When washing your reusable sanitary pads you can place them in the wash with whatever you may need to wash on the day, there is no need to wash them on their own as nothing contaminates onto other materials.

You may even find you have certain items that require a cooler wash, so if you feel more confident to place them in with a couple of items, rather than the majority of your washing, then this could be the ideal solution. You can also place them in a mesh bag.

Are They Different To Disposable Options?

To simply say it, no they are not!

Reusable pads are worn the exact same to any disposable kind, the only difference is that disposable options are over 90% plastic, whereas reusable alternatives are not and contribute to helping the environment. If you need another great reason other than helping the environment, then think of the money you’ll also save in the long-run!

When you are finished with your reusable pad, instead of throwing it away, you simply leave it to soak in cold water or wash it immediately.


If you are looking to make the change, then considering a kit could be a great idea.

Here at Cheeky Wipes, we provide an array of kits to help make the process simpler. From starter kits, to different style choices.

Reusable pad options not only help mother nature, but the benefits are endless compared to disposable options. Take the leap of faith today!

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