Friday, 9 July 2021

Date Night Ideas For Dating With Disabilities

Online dating can be a great way to meet new people and get comfortable with them before taking the step of meeting in person.

The pandemic has made dating life somewhat tricky for most people over the last 16 months or so, but luckily there are still plenty of fun dates that can be still enjoyed.  When it comes to deciding on the perfect date, there are lots of things that need to be considered and if you're dating someone with a disability then there may be factors to consider that will make the date more comfortable and enjoyable. SingleDisabled dating website runs a YouTube channel with plenty of informative videos covering a wide variety of disabilities and tips in detail to help disabled singles dating life run smoother.

I have lived with a hidden disability for the past few years, and I know that there are certain things that would make or break a date for me. Here are some of my top date night ideas and how to ensure they're a good fit for you and your date.

Enjoy A Romantic Picnic

A picnic creates the perfect opportunity for enjoyable chats over some nibbles, without committing to the pressure of a full-blown restaurant date. It allows you to enjoy all the benefits of being outdoors, which can be particularly lovely on a nice summers day....and it's an option that doesn't need to break the bank too!

Consider accessibility - if your date uses a wheelchair or walking aid, check that there's suitable pathways and seating options for them, and ensure that the route to your planned picnic destination is suitable for all abilities. If you're providing the food then you'll want to check for any dietary requirements too, but a great option would be to plan a Pot Luck Picnic where you each bring some components - that way you know there'll be something each of you  like to eat!

It's also worth considering access to public toilets when planning your picnic spot, as nobody likes to be caught short and some disabilities will require more regular access to a public bathroom.

Take In A Movie

A movie can be an ideal first date for those that are a little conversation-shy. It provides an opportunity to enjoy a shared experience with minimal pressure, and gives you a great talking point for the walk home too! It also allows you to find out more about your love interest as you decide which movie you'd like to see together.

Ensure that the cinema provides suitable accessibility for your date, and consider whether screenings for the vision or hearing impaired or autism-friendly screenings may be a good option.

Explore Local Points Of Interest

A very under-rated date idea in my opinion is a few hours spent enjoying some local history together. You could include anything from visiting museums, to spending some time enjoying National Trust properties or gardens. 
This sort of date provides lots of opportunity for getting-to-know-you chats whilst also providing a topic of conversation for those moments when you're running out of things to talk about!

Most museums and National Trust properties will provide information about their accessibility on their website, and they usually provide things like audio guides, induction loops, large print and braille guides - check if the destination meets the needs of your dates before hand.

Visit A Zoo Or A Farm

Most people love to see animals, and they provide a great talking point for couples on a first date too - taking away those awkward first date nerves.

The most important thing to do when organising any date is to communicate honestly and openly with the person you're dating, ensuring that you're both comfortable with the plans that are made - dating with disabilities is no different. Avoid making any assumptions, trust your dates judgement on what they say is and isn't right for them when it comes to date ideas, and focus on all of the fun things you CAN do together rather than focusing on what might be difficult.

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