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Do Invisible Aligners Really Work?

Invisible braces or clear aligners are perfect for adults. Their transparent build keeps them from being as visible as their traditional counterparts, thus helping to keep our dental treatments private like they should be. While invisible braces do provide us with several social and personal conveniences, the real question is, do they really work? Let’s try and answer that one, as well as other, similar queries next.

Invisible Braces Do Work

Invisible braces can indeed be used to successfully correct almost all common malocclusions. Clear aligners had their limitations in comparison to traditional braces during the early days for sure, but it has been nearly 25 years since they first came out! Today, they have been modified to a point where they can indeed be used in place of metal braces in most instances. This is largely due to the fact that dentists and orthodontists now have access to technology and tools that did not even exist during the early days of invisible aligners. The availability of flexible and customizable slides, joints, buttons, elastic wires, etc. have made clear aligners incredibly capable today. In 2021, rest assured that all of the following instances of crooked teeth can be realigned by a complete set of clear braces.

·       Overbites – Upper set of frontal teeth protrudes past the lower frontal set of teeth.

·       Underbites – The lower set of teeth protrudes past the upper set.

·       Crossbites – A narrow upper jaw with several or just one upper tooth from any position, jutting ahead of its lower counterpart(s)

·       Open Bite – There is always a gap left somewhere in between the upper and the lower set of teeth when the patient closes their mouth.

This is not the full list, of course, but invisible braces have been particularly successful in treating the malocclusions stated above.

Do Clear Aligners Work if the Malocclusion is Severe?

Traditional braces are more effective in correcting very severe cases of crooked teeth, but the rapidly developing clear alignment equipment may soon be able to close that gap. Even in its current state of efficacy, clear aligners are capable of correcting most malocclusions, even when they are moderate or severe. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of all invisible braces is never equal. A lot depends on the orthodontist’s skills, the materials used, and their reputation and experience in the field.

In general, high-quality treatments with clear aligners should be able to treat up to Class III malocclusions successfully. Since there is no set limit here, only a professional will be able to tell you whether a particular case of malocclusion can be corrected with clear aligners, post an oral inspection.

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Do Night Only Clear Aligners Work?

Yes, there are indeed night only invisible braces that actually work. ALIGNERCO specializes in all types of invisible braces, and they also have premium, clear aligners which you should wear at night only, to straighten teeth while you are sleeping. Since NightOnly clear aligners are only worn at night, nobody in any official or social scenario will ever get to see them.

Do note that night-time invisible braces take quite a bit longer to straighten crooked teeth than regular clear braces because they are only worn for 8 – 10 hours per day. Whichever product you may choose, rest assured that both daytime and night-time invisible braces from ALIGNERCO will work, and the entire treatment will be significantly less expensive than having to visit an orthodontist’s clinic.

Can You Take Off Clear Aligners?

The answer is yes, you should be able to take off your invisible braces while eating or brushing to maintain dental hygiene. In fact, this is one of the biggest, medical advantages that invisible braces have over traditional, non-removable braces. Given that it is not possible for us to take off traditional metal braces and put them back on at will, plaque accumulation, gum infections, and halitosis are common side effects in children or adults who use them. However, try to keep them on for as many hours as possible every day to straighten your teeth at a faster rate.

On the other hand, only the orthodontist can tighten, loosen, put on or take off traditional braces, so maintaining dental hygiene is very difficult on a daily basis. On top of that, you will need to pay multiple visits to the orthodontist to adjust the braces every few weeks, thus shooting the patient’s dental expenses even higher. There is also the question of cleaning your teeth during those adjustment sessions to get rid of the accumulated plaque, which will once again boost your dental expenses.

Sometimes, in very extreme situations, people are not left with no choice but to go to an orthodontist to straighten their teeth, but unless it is indeed that severe, at-home invisible brace kits should be perfectly capable of straightening most malocclusions.

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